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Is a daylight lamp practical?

  Daylight lamps are also known to be effective in improving moods, energy levels, and focus. They can be used as a natural treatment for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Using a daylight lamp for at least half an hour each day during the winter months is helpful for people with SAD.

Some people also find that they are more productive when they use a daylight lamp. The light helps them be more alert and focused. Additionally, daylight lamps can be used to help treat eye fatigue and headaches.

Which daylight lamp is the best?

The lamp also has an energy-saving timer feature.

The daylight lamp Beurer TL 80 is, without a doubt, the best choice for you if you want to enjoy benefits like reduced fatigue and stress levels, improved moods, and concentration. It’s easy to use with full adjustability of both light intensity and angle.

What do you have to look for in a daylight lamp?

  Light intensity is adjustable in steps because dimmed-down daylight lamps can also be used as a reading or desk lamp.

  Uniform and flicker-free light – keyword whole spectrum lamp.

  No UV radiation.

Daylight lamps provide daylight without any UV rays – they are very gentle on the eyes.

  At least 10,000 LUX at a distance of 30-40 cm (12-16 inches) from the lamp. The higher, the better!

An effective lighting system with bright white light provides enough brightness for good vision and concentration.

Are daylight lamps harmful to the eyes?

  In animal experiments, the study leaders had demonstrated that at high light intensities of 6,000 lux, both LED lamps and conventional incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes trigger inflammatory processes in the eye that can result in the death of optic nerves.

  Conventional incandescent lamps emit almost no blue light, but LED lamps do. None of the tested traditional incandescent lamps suffered any eye damage, while some had problems with both types of LEDs.

  The study leader warns against using too bright lamps for too long a time. The eyes need their rest.

So far, no such problems have been reported with daylight lamps. People who use daylight lamps generally find that they are very gentle on the eyes. Additionally, the light emitted by a daylight lamp is very uniform and does not flicker as fluorescent light does. This makes it easier on the eyes and reduces eye fatigue.


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