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Currently we have issued products series including Indoor Outdoor Dimmable and adapters. More than 1000+ powers for you to choose.

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SANPU TECH Co., Ltd, established in 2011, is a prominent player in the standard SPS (Switching Power Supply) market. With an extensive catalog of over 1000 models of traditional power supply products, the company offers diverse and comprehensive power solutions for a wide range of applications. SANPU TECH Co., Ltd has the expertise and products to meet various power requirements, whether for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and innovation, the company has gained a reputation for delivering cutting-edge power supply solutions that cater to customers’ evolving needs worldwide.

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A reliable and high-quality power supply is essential for the smooth operation of any electronic device or system. One crucial factor that distinguishes a suitable power supply from the rest is the rigorous testing it undergoes. SANPU TECH Co., Ltd, a leading power solutions provider, ensures the highest standards by subjecting their power supplies to a comprehensive 100% aging test.

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7-Day Lighting Fast Delivery

At SANPU TECH Co., Ltd, we take pride in providing quick and efficient solutions to our customers. One of the reasons we can offer a 7-day proofing service is due to our extensive collection of over 300 dynamic molds. These molds can be rapidly assembled to bring your ideas to life in record time. This flexibility allows us to meet tight deadlines and ensure a swift turnaround for your projects.

Additionally, our team consists of over 20 product experts with a wealth of experience designing and assembling power supplies. With an average experience of over 12 years, they serve as a sturdy backbone for our company. Their expertise enables us to deliver superior-quality power supply solutions that meet your requirements.

With our vast mold selection and experienced professionals, SANPU TECH Co., Ltd stands ready to provide you with efficient and reliable power solutions that fulfill your needs, all within an impressive 7-day proofing timeframe.

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