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LED Controller

Ready to give your LED strip lighting some extra sparkle? Check out our top-notch controllers – all backed with free shipping when you spend $1000 or more. We guarantee high performance and superior quality for every product!


Wireless | DMX512 | Triac | DALI | 0/1-10V

LED Controller for LED Strip Lighting Application

1000powers offers a massive in stock LED Controller selection. 

Ensure your LED strip lighting application shines with the best quality product from our manufacturer. We offer a range of meticulously crafted LED Controllers, available in various form factors to fit all kinds of installations perfectly — and we guarantee satisfaction through top-notch warranty support.

Discover the best LED controllers for your strip lighting. Our controllers offer high performance, superior quality, and easy installation.

Wireless RF/WiFi System

Wireless RF/WiFi System – your ultimate smart home lighting solution and wireless LED controller. This comprehensive system boasts a handheld RF remote, wall-mounted PWM controller & RF remote, and a versatile 1-5 channel PWM receiver. With its wide compatibility, the RF system can effortlessly handle single-color, dual-color, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT LED lighting, offering static colors and captivating dynamic color-changing modes.

Experience seamless wireless home automation as a single remote controls multiple zones with unlimited receivers in each zone, achieving perfect synchronization. Each receiver responds to up to 10 remotes, providing unparalleled flexibility. With an impressive control range of up to 30 meters, you can easily manage your lighting system from any corner of your home.

Moreover, the receivers can be conveniently controlled through a dedicated app installed on your iOS or Android device when paired with a WiFi-Relay controller. This grants you access to static color adjustment, dynamic mode playback, scene memory, and timing run functions, giving you ease of control over your lighting environment. Embrace the future of intelligent lighting and home automation with the powerful Wireless RF/WiFi System.

Connect Various RF Systems

Easily connect to diverse RF systems using our WIFI-Relay (Wi-Fi Hub), linking LED controllers, dimmable drivers, intelligent lights, 0-10V, and Triac dimmers.

Wireless Group Control In Multiple Zones

Achieve wireless group control in multiple zones with ease. Using one remote, simultaneously control various LED lights with LED controllers. Press a single zone button to select one or multiple lights in a room. Remotes can feature 1-8 zone buttons. At the same time, the SkySmart App on your phone, in conjunction with the Wifi-Relay converter, allows you to choose up to 16 different zones.

RF Dimming LED Control System

RF Dimming LED Control System uses PWM dimming to regulate low-voltage LED strips by rapidly switching with hundreds and thousands of frequencies, adjusting the brightness via the on-and-off ratio. For instance, at a frequency of 500 Hz and a 25% brightness output, the switch occurs 500 times per second, lasting two milliseconds. The on-time is 0.5 milliseconds, and the off-time is 1.5 milliseconds.

The RF remote, knob, touch button, or AC self-reset switch modes easily control brightness values. To ensure optimal performance, it is advised that the total power of the low-voltage LED strip remains below 80% of the constant voltage power supply’s capacity. Experience precise and efficient dimming control for your LED lighting applications with our RF Dimming LED Control System.

PWM Frequency Selection

Selecting the appropriate PWM frequency is crucial for optimal performance. Frequencies above 200Hz eliminate visible light flicker to the human eye. However, higher frequencies reduce flicker during camera shooting but lead to increased switching power supply noise and controller heating, necessitating reduced output current.

For low noise of the switching power supply, opt for 250Hz PWM frequency. Choose 2000Hz for superior camera shooting results. In cases like a studio where a high frequency is needed, opt for 8000Hz. Generally, 500 or 750Hz PWM frequency is commonly used for various applications.

Dimming curve selection

Choose between linear and logarithmic dimming curves for precise light intensity control.

Linear dimming: brightness is directly proportional to the PWM switch output. For instance, at 50% brightness, the on and off times are equal, with a Gamma curve value of 1.0.

Logarithmic dimming: employs a logarithmic curve to determine the relationship between brightness and PWM switch output. The ratio of on-time is calculated using a formula with a Gamma curve value ranging from 0.1 to 9.9.

LED strip beads do not exhibit linear brightness characteristics, and linear dimming from 0-100% results in uneven brightness changes. Low-brightness areas change significantly, while high-brightness areas change minimally. To ensure uniform brightness changes, a logarithmic curve is often utilized.

DIM - RF LED Controller

DIM – RF LED Controller a versatile series featuring RF, panel, sensor, and Triac dimmers for constant voltage dimming of LED lights. Compatible with DC12/24/36/48V constant voltage LED power supply, it offers 1/4-way PWM constant voltage output, connecting seamlessly to low-voltage LED strip lights. Control options include RF remote, push switch, touch button, knob, digital tube key, and Triac dimming. Enjoy smooth and precise dimming with 256 levels from 0-100%, elevating your lighting experience.


· RF Wireless dimming

· PWM Constant voltage output

· 256 level 0-100% smooth and accurate dimming

· Multiple protection

DIM - Panel Controller

  • PWM frequency: 500Hz
  • Dimming curve: logarithmic (gamma 1.6)
  • White / black panel available
  • It can be used as dimming controller or remote control
  • Dimming mode: touch / knob panel, RF remote control

DIM - RF LED Remote Control

DIM – RF LED Remote Control series, comprising handy and wall panel remotes available in a single zone, zone 2, zone 4, and zone 8 variants. Offering battery or AC100-240V, DC12-24V power supply options, these remotes utilize wireless 2.4G signal transmission technology. Ideal for single-color LED lights, they enable turn on/off, brightness adjustment, group partition, and scene application functions. With a remote control distance of 30 meters, these remotes ensure convenient and flexible lighting control. Embrace the features of RF wireless technology, versatile zone control, extended remote distance, and scene storage function with our DIM – RF LED Remote Control series.

  • Adopt RF wireless 2.4G signal transmission technology
  • Single zone or multi zone control.
  • 30 meters remote control distance
  • Scene storage function

One Stop Solution for All Your Needs

As a LED controller manufacturer, 1000powers is fully equipped, with an integrating sphere, constant temperature and humidity box, pressure tester, and other product performance evaluation equipment. 

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