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Why do the LEDs not light up?

    It may be that the power supply is not working or that it is not the right one. If it is an undersized power supply, it can’t carry the load of the LEDs. It shuts down because it goes into thermal protection and then turns back on. Another cause can be a short circuit in the LED wiring.

Why do LED lamps burn out?

    Excessive heat caused by the lamp’s sheathing; old lamp socket causing arcing at the lamp contacts; old or defective ignition switches causing arcing when turned on and off; very cheap, poor-quality light bulbs.

How can I replace the LEDs in my chandeliers?

    Dear Michela, LEDs cannot be replaced because they are integrated into the chandelier structure, and therefore can be made to individual parts. LEDs do not have a socket like a standard light bulb, but electronic panels cannot be replaced.

How to eliminate flickering of LEDs?

    To eliminate this problem, installing a residual current device that interrupts the flow of current on both wires is enough. Ensure that the switch or the changeover switch that controls the phase is not installed in parallel with the light bulb of the controller itself.

How can I tell if an LED spotlight is burned out?

    If there are burn marks or black rings on the base (near the socket), you need to buy a new bulb first. Another sign that the bulb is burnt out is the yellow color near the thread.

Why do LED bulbs not last long?

    The higher the operating temperature of the light, the shorter the life of the LED. Therefore, to ensure a long LED life, it is essential to ensure good ventilation. A good rule of thumb to extend the life of LED strips is to use aluminum LED profiles.

When do the bulbs burst?

    Manufacturing defect of the burner. After the lamp is turned on, the internal pressure increases, which the weak point cannot withstand, and the burner explodes. An explosion due to a manufacturing defect usually occurs in the first minutes or hours of operation of the new lamp.

What does the LED socket contain?

    The LED contains silicon powder, no harmful gases, and no toxic substances, unlike fluorescent and discharge lamps (metal halide and sodium vapor).

How does the integrated LED work?

    An LED (Light Emitting Diode) semiconductor diode produces light when an electric current flows through it. An LED is integrated into the lamp when the lighting fixture is inserted into the fixture itself, and therefore cannot be replaced (except by qualified personnel).

How does the LED chandelier work?

    LEDs allow irradiation through semiconductors or diodes, hence the abbreviation “Light-Emitting Diodes”: this is precise what makes LEDs so practical and sustainable since they do not require filaments or gas do not emit infrared and ultraviolet rays.

What is a dimmable spotlight?

    What does dimmable mean? A dimmer is a device used to control the intensity of light, mainly used with halogen lamps, allowing continuous adjustment from zero to full power.


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