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How do you attach the LED strips to the wall?

    Glue the LED strip into the concave profile of the veil to achieve indirect lighting on the ceiling. Pay attention to the pressure fixing to avoid later detachment or not perfectly horizontal gluing. This would result in lighting effects that deviate from the design hypothesis.

How to restore a cut LED strip?

    We make sure to slide the end of the strip under the contacts and then close the cap. In this way, we have powered the LED strip and can use it by simply connecting the two ends to the power supply.

How do the LED strips work?

    How do LED strips work? Strips can emit white light or light of different colors. The white light can be cold, warm, or natural; in the models with variable light, a mixing system allows the color to change: the so-called RGB-LEDs.

How to connect a LED strip to the mains without a transformer?

    How to connect a LED strip without a transformer? The installation of a transformerless LED strip is straightforward. Just unroll the strip, connect it to the mains to see if it works, and then fix it wherever you want.

How to install an LED strip?

    All the LED strips in our store come with a quick connector, are ready to use right out of the box, and are easy to use!

    Connect. Connect the plug to the power supply with appropriate power and voltage.

    Turn on. Turn on the power supply connected to the power line.

    Have fun!

How to choose a transformer for LEDs?

    To find a suitable power supply, you need to add 20% to this output value so that the power supply can ensure the correct operation of the LED strip. Under these circumstances, a value of 60 W is the most ideal, since 50+20%=60.

How much light does an LED strip provide?

    Outdoor strips emit white light (warm, cold, natural) or multicolored RGB light and brightness of 300 to 680 lumens per meter. Be sure to choose a suitable 12 V power supply that can support the total power.

Where to cut RGB led strips?

    The place to cut is the one every 5 centimeters. So make sure to identify this small break used for cutting and cut a smaller piece. Measure the appropriate length according to your needs and cut it neatly.

How to light a bookshelf?

    The proposal I decided to “light” the bookcase: for the lighting effect of the compartments, it is necessary to install led profiles at the bottom of each niche. The back is bright and contrasts with the books. A wirelessly connected lighting system illuminates it.

How to dim the LED strip 220?

    Classic solution with wall button to operate, press the button and another press to turn off. To dim the LED bar, you need to press and hold the button until the desired intensity is reached.


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