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TRIAC Dimmable Slim Strip Black 0/1-10V Dimm Power supply

Dimmer Power Supply 0/1-10V Triac Dimmable. IP20

Power range from 60W to 300W, High efficiency with sufficient power

2 hours 100% full-load burn-in test before shipping

OVP, OLP, OTP, and short circuit protection programmed

CE ROHS FCC certified

Additional information


60W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W, 250W, 300W


100-240V, 175-240V


12V, 24V

Product Processes

12V/24V 60W-300W Dimmable Power Supply

  • VOLTAGE RANGE: AC100-240V/200-240V
  • CURRENT RANGE: 60W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W
  • Dimming interface: Triac/0-10V
  • Dimming range: 0~100%, LED start at 0.1% possible.
  • Efficiency: >85%
  • Working temperature: ta: -30 ~ 55 °C Tc: 80 °C
  • Weight(G.W) :240g 290g

Product Details:

Selecting the Perfect Dimmable power supplies for Your lights

Product Feature

  • 0/1-10v & Triac Dimming 2in1.
  • Aluminum shell IP20 is non-waterproof, for indoor use or installed in a rainproof box.
  • Ultra-thin fanless cooling design, no noise from the fan.
  • 100% full load burn-in test.
  • Protections: short circuit, overload, over-voltage, over-temp.
  • Dimming interface: Triac/0-10v
  • Apply to leading edge / trailing edge Triac dimmers and 0-10vdimming system.
  • Built-in high-performance MCU dimming curve.
  • Dimming range: 0~100%, LED start at 0.1% possible.
  • Multi-current & wide voltage, suitable for different power LED.
  • Short circuit / Over-heat / Overload protection.
  • Compliant with Safety Extra Low Voltage standard.

Dimmable power supplies

Series No.Power
AC input
DC output
DimmablePCS/CTNCTN Size
CRS60-W1V12/2460W100-240V12V/24VIP20230*50*300.35Triac & 0/1-10V 2in136330*240*260
CRS100-W1V12/24100W100-240V12V/24VIP20230*50*300.35Triac & 0/1-10V 2in136330*240*260
CRS150-W1V12/24150W175-240V12V/24VIP20287*50*300.5Triac & 0/1-10V 2in155400*315*270
CRS200-H1V12/24200W175-240V12V/24VIP20287*50*300.5Triac & 0/1-10V 2in155400*315*270
CRS250-H1V12/24250W175-240V12V/24VIP20287*50*300.5Triac & 0/1-10V 2in155400*315*270
CRS300-H1V12/24300W175-240V12V/24VIP20287*50*300.5Triac & 0/1-10V 2in155400*315*270

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