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LED Strip Install

 It does not require specialized equipment and expertise – clean the place where it is to be installed, stick to the LED Strip Lights with a special double-sided adhesive tape, and then the whole thing to the cabinet. Installation of LED strips looks similar if you use them as lighting under the cabinets.

LED strips under the kitchen cabinets, what to choose?

The answer seems to be simple – LED. Light strips for cabinets use much less energy than halogen (not to mention ordinary light bulbs), do not heat up, have a long life, we can select the color of light to our preferences. We can also select the fixtures to your preference, whether LED strips under the cabinet, LED strips under the kitchen cabinets, or a spot fixture.

A warm color (2700-3500 Kelvin) will work in kitchens with wooden buildings or those with brick walls. In modern kitchens, bright or even white, “Scandinavian” interiors will be appropriate neutral light (about 4000-4500 K). Neutral light, the light closest to daylight, should also give LED lamps under kitchen cabinets, which illuminate the workspaces in the room, where we prepare meals (at least we can see what we are preparing). LEDs for kitchen cabinets should have a power of 8-10 W, weaker, even minimal if the LED lights for the cabinet only have a decorative function or only to illuminate the space.

Install LED Strip Lights
Install LED Strip Lights

How many feet of strip you will be used you in total

Buying LED strips kitchen cabinet lights; whether it’s LED lights over the kitchen cabinets or LED strip under the cabinet, you need to know in advance where it is to be mounted, and thus correctly select its IP (Internal Protection). LEDs under kitchen cabinets, which can be exposed to steam or even splashed, should have a coefficient of IP65, which means they are dustproof and have high water resistance.

Dimming LED Strip Lights

LEDs for kitchen furniture – the color of Light Strips

Green LED Strip Lighting
Red LED Strip Lighting
Warm LED lights
RGB LED lights
LED lights
strip light
strip light
strip light

LEDs in the kitchen under cabinets away from the kitchen or sink are enough IP44. However, it would help if you remembered that cooking bigos or Christmas cabbage with mushrooms’ aroma or moisture does not spare anyone and anything.

Install LED lighting

Cool White strip light

Color Temperature

Cool White strip light

Color Temperature

cut lines

Cut lines

Power Supplies

accent lighting


In addition to LED Light Strip for kitchen under cabinets, a popular way to give the room an individual character and build a charming atmosphere is to light falling from the inside, brightening up glass display cases or glass cabinets or shelves. Illumination of kitchen furniture with LED tape or LED strip for furniture is highly decorative and can give interesting effects, mainly if we use colored LEDs. Mount them over the top shelf, directing the light downward.

Same power supply

total length

Install LED Light Strips in the window or glass shelves in the kitchen?

Increasingly common LED lighting of kitchen furniture works well when we want to spotlight a glass cabinet display or glass shelves are spotlights or recessed spotlights (mounted flush with the furniture’s surface). Unfortunately, we have to play the “little carpenter” because if we want to install spotlighting to cabinets, we have to prepare, drill mounting holes in the furniture where we will put the lamps. Of course, beforehand, you need to check what dimensions the luminaire has, which is usually given by the manufacturer in the manual so that the hole is just right. Because as we all know, the size does matter

Connecting LED Strips

multiple strips

Power source

total length

Install LED Strip Lights in a cabinet?

Inside the cabinet, place an aluminum profile and attach the LED Strip Lights to it. This is typically done in a non-invasive way – use a good, double-sided mounting tape.

Cabinet Lighting

RGB lights

 Red wire

black wire

How to mount LED Strip Lights in furniture?

We stick a specified length of the tape to the aluminum profile using double-sided tape stuck on the back of the strip. The shape with glued LED tape is screwed to the cabinets with screws. Every dozen cm or so, contacts on the tape allow for a solder power supply in any place.

The best LEDs for the kitchen are waterproof and allow you to adjust the length of the tape to a non-standard surface (most tapes can be cut in selected places without harming their operation). Wanting LED tapes to illuminate the work surfaces is best to choose a light white color.

How to illuminate furniture?

Led strips and strips, fixtures with a variety of shapes and systems of light sources, under-cabinet lamps, and cantilever lamps – thanks to these solutions, the form of the furniture gains in attractiveness but also becomes more functional. There are many possibilities – it all depends on the idea of the arrangement of a given space.


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