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How to choose LED power supply

What is the purpose of the power supply in the LED?

The power supply itself will allow or not the passage of more or less power, as needed, to generate voltage. This is the model used in LED strips since their operation is based on the route of a certain amount of energy – and more than this can damage the product.

How to choose an LED power supply?

To know “how to choose a LED power supply,” it is fundamental to understand that the power of the source always needs to be equal or greater than the power of the LED module. Don’t worry about the higher power; it will not cause any damage to the module.

Constant Voltage LED Drivers vs. constant current LED drivers.

When choosing the right LED driver for your application, verify whether it operates on constant current or constant voltage to avoid damaging your LEDs.

Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Constant voltage applications include under cabinet lights, stair lighting, strip lights, and rope lights.

Xinreal power supplies are ideal for street lighting, architectural lighting, decorative lighting, embedded lighting, indoor lighting, stage, and theater lighting, LED fixture and LED signage. Features full range (up to 265VAC)

5W-400W LED Drivers IP67-rated ingress protection level is suitable for dry, damp, and wet applications. 

Input Voltage 120 / 277VAC
Output Voltage 12V 24V
Input Voltage NL
Output Voltage 12V 24V
Input Voltage Waterproof
Output Voltage 12V 24V
Input Voltage plastic
Output Voltage 12V 24V

Constant current drivers

Constant Current LED Drivers Constant current drivers are designed for lighting projects that require a fixed output current and a ranged Output Voltage, such as LED panels, LED Light Bulbs, etc.

round LED Driver
LED driver
slim LED driver
small LED driver

What are LED power supplies?

The LED drivers make sure that the LED strip lights receive continuous power, like a power supply. But the driver also makes sure that this current does not have peaks. This way, it ensures that the LED’s life span or reliability is not reduced.

LED strip lights lighting installation
 strip lights

Lighting installation

A power reserve of 20% is recommended in most cases. If additional spotlights are added later, the budget should be increased accordingly.

How to calculate the LED power supplies for LEDs?

Example: 5050 power strip (60 LEDs/meter). 5 meters, The calculation would be: 14.4 W per meter x 5 meters = 72 Watts. The most advisable use a power supply with more than 80 Watts to prevent it from running at its maximum.

Fixtures Strip Lights
Fixtures Strip Lights

How many LEDs can I connect in series on 12v?

As it is in the 12v line, you can connect 3 or 4 LEDs in series, depending on the LED. In parallel, you can join many since a suitable power supply provides about 50A or more on the 12v line and one led consumes roughly 20mA. Many transformers have a minimum load and would not provide any voltage if the load is below this limit. 

Calculate power reserve. It is not good to permanently operate an LED transformer with 100% load. Better under 80% load will be good for LED lighting lifespan.

Output Voltage

Can you plug LED strips directly into the LED Power supplies?

In the 220V LED strips, you will need a power supply generally sold with the LED drivers. You only have to connect the strip to the cable and plug it into the outlet for the product to work.

Dimmable Power Supplies

Triac dimmable power supply: Its job is to differentiate the power on the AC side of the circuit through a TRIAC dimmer.

The power modification that the dimmer develops on the a/c input side will undoubtedly vary the voltage on the DC outcome and also control the brightness of the LEDs.

Dimmable power supply for LED Lights

Triac Dimmable power supply
0-10v Dimmable power supply

How much does LED Lighting spend per month?

The fluorescent lamp analyzed consumes 15W, and the LED one 8.5W. Calculating the consumption of electricity considering the 120 hours turned on per month, the monthly expenditure with electricity by using the fluorescent is R$ 1.44 while the LED one is R$ 0.82.

power consumption

maximum operating temperature


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