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How to size a LED power supply?

To find out how many cameras your power supply can support, do the maths the other way around, that is, divide the current capacity of your power supply by the consumption of your load (camera). For example: If the source is 12 Volts and 5 Amperes, the calculation would be: 5 (A) divided by 0.33 (A) = 15.15.

How many kWh does a LED strip consume?

The entry model consumes 4.8 watts per meter. On a 5-meter roll, the consumption is 24 watts. For RGB strips, those that change color, the entry model consumes 7.2 watts per meter (36 watts per roll). Some models consume up to 72 watts per roll and have more vital illumination.

Plastic LED Power supply
Total wattage 7 watt to 60 watt
Slim LED Power supply
DC output 12V 24V
rainproof LED Power supply
Input Voltage 120 / 240VAC
strip slim LED Power supply
full range up to 240VAC
slim LED Power supply
AC side 110V/220V
waterproof LED Power supply
AC input side 110/220V

Which uses more light bulbs or LED strips?

If you think that the LED ribbon will use a lot of energy in your home, you are very wrong. This feature has low energy consumption. Unlike traditional bulbs, where their use is limited, LED strips are more durable and not produced by mercury and lead.

LED Lighting Accessories
LED Lighting Accessories
LED strip lights 
LED strip lights 

Dimmable Power Supplies

triac dimm LED Power Supplies
Triac dimmable LED Power Supplies
0-10V LED Power Supplies
0-10V dimmable LED Power Supplies
TRIAC Dimmers power supplies
Dimmer Switch

How much does a LED panel spend?

Assuming a time of use of 5 hours per day and the cost of energy at R$ 0.45 Kw/h, the monthly consumption of the 60W incandescent is R$ 20.25 per month. In this same period, the 15W electronic consumes R$ 5.06, and the 10W LED consumes R$ 3.38.

What is the function of a switching power supply?

A switching power supply is a device capable of converting alternating current into direct current, providing electrical voltages with good current capacity without a transformer. Therefore, the switching power supply can replace linear power supplies, which require transformers.

Constant Current LED Drivers VS. Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Another common application is high-power LEDs with constant current drivers requiring a DC voltage input. 

Goods use a constant current LED Drivers, LED strip lights are ideal for general, task and accent lighting, sign or channel letters, architectural lighting, and more.

LED driver Output Voltage
LED drivers
LED driver Output Voltage
LED drivers
LED driver LED Light Bulbs
LED drivers
LED Lights drivers

Goods use constant current LED Drivers

Constant Current LED panels

Constant Current LED Lights

LED Lights

LED Lights

Constant Voltage LED Drivers Details Drivers for on/off or PWM dimming applications.

Goods use constant voltage LED Drivers

slim LED driver
thin LED driver
waterproof LED Drivers
slim LED Drivers

LED strips

LED fixture

LED strips cabinet lights

Dimmable power supply

minimum load

What is LED 2835?

The cool white 12W SMD 2835 LED strip light is flexible, has double-sided tape on the back, provides low power consumption and long service life. Due to its dimensions, the cool white 12W SMD 2835 LED strip light fits well into any project, and it can be cut every 3 LEDs.

 lighting project

 lighting project

What is required to install LED strip light?

For the 5-meter monochromatic LED strip, one of the most common, you will need:

source compatible with the configuration of the strip – the 12 V is the most used, but always check on the packaging or with a qualified professional;

P4 type connector;

soldering iron – in case you want to splice two tapes;

lighting installation

lighting installation


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