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How to replace an LED?

    Dear Michela, the LEDs can not be replaced because they are integrated into the chandelier structure, which does not allow changes to individual parts. The LEDs do not have a socket like a standard light bulb but are made of electronic plates that cannot be replaced.

How to cut the LED strip?

    When you buy an LED strip, if and when necessary, you can shorten it by “breaking” it in one place (which is done every 5 cm). However, only one of the two pieces obtained in this way can be used immediately because it already has the output wires for connection to the plug.

How to light a garage without electricity?

    Alternative ways to light the garage

    Solar-powered generator. With a solar-powered generator, you can run the lights without electricity. 

    Solar panel. This is the component of the system that is exposed to the sun.



    Battery box.

How much do RGB LEDs consume?

    In particular, the consumption of LED lights ranges from 3 to 11 watts per hour, although some types consume only 1 watt per hour.

How do I connect the LED strip to the phone?

    To take advantage of your LED strip’s “smart” features, you need to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and, after downloading an app to your phone, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the configuration.

How to connect an LED transformer?

To connect LED strips to a power supply, you must first click the power supply to a power source. To do this, use the Phase and Neutral outputs located on the left side of the ballast and marked with the F and N symbols. Next to them is the symbol for a grounding system.

What is the difference between a power supply and a transformer?

    A general linear power supply ideally (and often in practice) consists of the following elements connected in cascade: a transformer: this reduces (or in rare cases increases) the voltage coming from the mains to bring it closer to the value required by the load to be supplied.

How much does a transformer for headlights cost?

    Compare 12 quotes for transformer for spotlights from 10,95 € Transformer Gea Led GSTT20 20W IP67 Transformer for round or square outdoor led recessed spotlight Transformer for outdoor led recessed spotlight Art.

Which are the most potent led strips?

    The most powerful ones are the SMD 5630, which has a single chip with high brightness and can be two times brighter than the 5050 LED strips. However, the high quality of these strips comes at a higher cost, as they have a higher purchase price.

Where should the LEDs be placed in the room?

    Try placing an LED strip under the sideboard or along the stairs. In some of our installations, we have put them on the edges of two columns or niches, as you can see in the pictures, and the effect is sophisticated and impressive.

How to calculate the power of a LED strip?

    Multiply the power/m x length (expressed in meters) of the light strip, i.e.: 14.4 W/m x 2 m = 28.8 W. The correct power supply should have an output of 35W (i.e., 20% more than the power consumption of the LED strip).

Where to cut the light pipe?

    Cut the light pipe only according to the marking on the surface with points perpendicular to the axis of the light pipe and/or with the scissors symbol. Make sure that NO metal burrs belonging to the internal connection cables leave the cut surface (section) of the tube.


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