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How to illuminate bookshelves?

    In these cases, it is better to choose a diffused light to avoid reflections or use reflective surfaces to create a scenographic effect. With an LED strip with a satin diffuser positioned on the bottom of the shelf, the light is projected upwards, and you get a “light box” that is also perfect …

How to light a closet?

    If you have a large closet or a walk-in closet, installing wall sconces in the most hidden corners is better to ensure uniform lighting. If the walk-in closet also has shelves and racks on which accessories or shoes are placed, these should also be illuminated.

How do you light shelves?

    A shelf can be large or small and have a light or dark color – in short, and it should go hand in hand with the house’s interior. To give your shelves a touch of originality, you can illuminate them with LED strips but also with spotlights.

How can I dim LEDs?

    With pulse width modulation (PWM), the voltage at the ends of the lamp is “turned on” and “turned off” at a variable rate. Increasing or decreasing this speed changes the amount of light and thus dims the LED.

How can I tell if an LED is dimmable?

    To check if a lamp is dimmable or not, check if the following symbols are present on the package: If the light is NOT DIMMABLE, the character shown on the left should be on the packaging and possibly on the bulb or in the instruction manual.

How do I know if an LED is dimmable?

    How can I tell if an LED lamp is dimmable? In most cases, all LED bulb models have a dimmable version and a non-dimmable version. This is usually indicated on the bulb’s packaging or the online page for a particular item.

How long does an LED light bulb last?

    Do LED bulbs last 10 years? LED light bulb packaging often lists an estimated lifespan in years, ranging from 5, 10, 17, to 20 years. While these numbers may seem attractive to consumers, they can be misleading.

Why don’t the LEDs light up?

    It may be that the power supply isn’t working, or it may not be the right one. If it’s an undersized power supply, it can’t carry the load of the LEDs, it shuts down because it goes into thermal protection, and then it turns back on. Another cause could be a shortage of LED wiring.

How long does the integrated LED last?

    50,000 hours

    They have a very long life: a high-quality integrated LED will last (at least) 50,000 hours and can last up to 100,000 hours without any maintenance. Considering the times of the day when the light is used in the house, we are talking about a lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

How to create colors with LEDs?

    The simplest method is to place one or more RGB/RGBW LED lamps behind the TV facing the wall to create a radiant but static color effect or adjust them manually.

How much does a 5050 LED strip consume?

    Colored LED strips (RGB) Colored LED strips are equipped with 60 powerful 5050 type RGB LEDs per meter. Despite their high brightness, the power consumption of these powerful LEDs is only 14.4 watts per meter.

What happens if I use a more powerful transformer?

    Output: This is the output voltage, which must match that of the original power supply. If the power supply has a higher voltage, the device you connect it to will burn out. AMPERE: The power supply may have more amps than the previous one.

How do you calculate the power of a transformer?

    1 watt = 1 J / 1s.

    But how do you derive watts from current and voltage?

    P = power (W) I= current (A) V= voltage (V) P = V x I.

    I = P / V = 30W / 15V = 2 A.

    V = P / I = 30W / 2 A = 15V.

How much light is needed to illuminate a room?

    Lighting = 37500/250 = 150 lumens per m2Bedrooms typically require 100 to 150 lux. Garages, storage rooms, and the like need about 100 lux. Bathrooms should have about 150 lux and makeup areas up to 400 lux. Kitchens need 350 lux to ensure good visibility in the kitchen. 


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