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How much lux should a daylight lamp have?

    High-quality lamps have a built-in UV filter that keeps the dangerous rays away from the retina. The brightness of daylight lamps varies depending on the model and manufacturer. If it is to be used for light therapy, a brightness of 2,500 to 10,000 lux is recommended.

How strong should a daylight lamp be?

    For light therapy recommended for winter depression, the daylight lamp should be at least 2,500 lux and 5,600 Kelvin. Many daylight lamps sold in stores have a maximum illuminance of 10,000 lux.

Which daylight lamp for vitamin D deficiency?

    The situation is different with unique UV-B lamps. Here, special illuminants are installed that stimulate the production of vitamin D in the skin. Various scientific studies have proved their effectiveness.

How valuable is light therapy?

    The result: There is evidence that light therapy helps better against seasonal depression over two to eight weeks than a placebo. Compared to antidepressants and behavioral therapy, the very bright lamps performed similarly well.

Are LED televisions harmful to the eyes?

    Modern screens, whose displays are backlit with LEDs, emit light with a high proportion in the blue spectral range. At high energy levels, blue light can damage the eye’s retina and contribute to the development of age-related macular degeneration.

Can light cause blindness?

    It can damage the retina’s photoreceptors. In particular, the bright white beams of cars, bicycles, and flashlight lights, as well as the illumination of some toys, are a severe problem, researchers say.


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