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What do you have to look for in a daylight lamp?

    Light intensity is adjustable in steps because dimmed-down daylight lamps can also be used as a reading or desk lamp.

    Uniform and flicker-free light – keyword whole spectrum lamp.

    No UV radiation.

Which daylight lamp is the best?

    Beurer TL 80

    The best daylight lamp is the Beurer TL 80, one of the brightest lights tested and offers excellent value for money. The tilt stand makes it easy to set up, and you can tilt it to the desired angle.

What good are daylight lamps?

    A daylight lamp tricks the body into thinking it has a more extended day.

    Light therapy helps against winter depression.

    There is a lack of messenger substances such as the happiness hormone serotonin.

    The sleep hormone melatonin is increasingly released.

    A deficiency of vitamin D can develop.

Are daylight lamps harmful to the eyes?

    In animal experiments, the study leaders had demonstrated that at high light intensities of 6,000 lux, both LED lamps and conventional incandescent lamps and fluorescent tubes trigger inflammatory processes in the eye that can result in the death of optic nerves.

How harmful is light therapy?

    Serious side effects are not known with light therapy. Rarely, headaches, eye irritation, or a feeling of tightness in the skin occur. However, these complaints subside after a few hours.


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