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What are lumen and lux?

    Both terms are units of measurement for central photometric quantities. Illuminance is measured in lux (lx). It indicates how much light – or more precisely, how much luminous flux – falls on a particular surface. Luminous flux is measured in lumens (lm).

How much lux does a room lamp have?

    The following values can serve as a guideline: Bedroom: 45 lux. Living room: 77 lux. Bathroom: 110 lux.

What color of light relaxes the eyes?

    The orange light is ideal for relaxing and is considered the most comfortable color. It gives warmth and space and comes across as less intrusive than red.

Which light color for the bathroom?

    Which color temperature for the bathroom? We recommend a color temperature of 4,000 Kelvin, which is cool white light, and a high color rendering of 80 Ra or higher for general lighting.

Is OLED better for the eyes?

    TVs with OLED technology have a lower blue light content than LCD TVs. The lighting around the set can also be soothing and gentle on the eyes, as sharp differences in brightness strain the eyes.

Is a blue filter good for the eyes?

    Quite simply, it’s easy on the eyes and ensures that your smartphone doesn’t keep you artificially awake. As a rule, the light emitted by smartphone and tablet displays has a color temperature of 6,500 Kelvin or higher. The high blue content makes the shows appear brighter and more balanced.


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