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How long do LEDs last?

office led strip lights

    LEDs last up to 100,000 hours (average rated life); the actual life depends on the particular usage time. Example: 50,000 hours results in about 16 years of service life for a weekly lighting period of 60 hours.

Why does my motion detector flicker?

    Motion detector flickers – LEDs as causeSome motion detectors are designed so that they cannot provide the complete power supply immediately. In the few seconds after switching on, the required power is missing. This causes the flickering of the bulb.

How to connect LED spots?

    Connect the primary power cable 230V (L/N) to the transformer’s primary side (230V). For this purpose, there are already integrated terminals, which are built into the transformer. If you only have open cable ends on the transformer, use luster terminals to connect them. The protective conductor (PE) does not have to be clamped.

Why do LEDs glow even though they are switched off?

    The reason why LED lamps glow even though they are turned off maybe because energy is stored in the LED driver. If the LED light is not responsible for the glow, it is due to the electrical installation.

What if LED lamp flickers?

    When an LED lamp flickers, it does so relatively regularly in most cases. One of the major causes of such flickering is the use of an inappropriate transformer. Older transformers are usually designed for higher wattages and cannot cope with energy-saving LEDs.


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