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How can an LED change color?

    The color change of LED lamps can be graduated or in a smooth transition. Most color change lamps can be conveniently controlled with remote control; ideally, they can adjust the color intensity individually, and the light is dimmable.

How do LEDs shine in different colors?

    RGB LEDs consist of three diodes for the primary colors red, green, and blue. They can even shine in different light colors, which can be selected as desired.

How do I connect an LED strip?

    Connect/plug together LED strips.

To do this, loosen the front clip of the clip connector, pass the LED strip through it so that the two or, in the case of RGB strips, four copper conductors lie flush under the connector’s pins, then close the clip again. Repeat the whole process for the second strip.

Can any LED strip be dimmed?

    While incandescent lamps can be dimmed relatively easily by reducing the voltage, this is not quite so simple with LED strips. LEDs are electronic components, so-called semiconductors, and require a specific voltage to light up.

How to dim LED strips?

    To dim the LED strip properly, clamp the wireless LED dimmer between the 12V DC output of the LED power supply and the 12 V input of the LED strip. Pay attention to the correct polarity (12V positive pole and 12V negative pole). You have to clamp the 12V voltage of the transformer to the input of the LED dimmer.

Which power supply for the 20m LED strip?

    20m LED strips to have a power requirement of 144 watts at 30 LEDs/m. Both the power supply and controller must support this! At 12 volts voltage, this is 12A current, at 24V voltage 6A current.

How many watts per meter of the LED strip?

    For a total length of 4.5m LED strips and 4 watts/m, that’s about 18 watts. It would help if you left a 10-20% power reserve for the LED power supply to make it feel comfortable for a long time. The recommendation for the previous example is a 20 or even better 30-watt power supply.

Why does the lamp glow although the switch is off?

    Even though they are switched off, the glow of LED lamps is possible because energy is stored in the LED driver. If the LED light is not responsible for the polish, it is due to the electrical installation.

Why does LED glow without electricity?

    Unlike a halogen lamp, an LED light has a high impedance due to the integrated power supply. Due to the series-connected glow lamp, the circuit is closed even when the lamp is switched off. Therefore, a low voltage continues to fall on the LED light, which is why it still shines weakly.


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