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Can I still use cut LED strips?

    A: If the LED strip you bought can be cut, the cut-off remainder cannot be used. If you need to reconnect LED strips after cutting them, you will need an extra 4-pin connector.

Can I screw an LED bulb into a standard lamp?

    Can I use LED bulbs anywhere? LED bulbs with matching bases are available for almost all standard lamp sockets such as E27 and G9. However, with many LED lights, the lamps are permanently installed and cannot be changed.

Can LEDs be repaired?

    Whether and how you can repair your LED lamps depends on the type of lamp. For lights where the LEDs are permanently installed, the repair is usually not possible. It is easier if the LED bulbs can be replaced.

How do colored LEDs work?

    By mixing appropriate proportions of two primary colors, red and blue, all colors on the line connecting red and blue can be produced. By incorporating the colors of these three LEDs, all colors that lie within this triangle can be created.

How does an LED work?

    Explained: The LED How it works. A light-emitting diode consists of an anode and a cathode. A wire provides the current flow between the two poles, the so-called bonding wire. When current flows, the electrons react, and energy is released in the form of photons. The LED lights up.


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