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What is the reason cause the LED blinking

In our daily life, often encounter LED lights flicker after turning on the light. So what is the cause of it? Many situations can cause the light to flicker. We need to check one by one. After finding out the reason, we know how to solve it. Here we look at the solution to the problem of flickering LED lights. I hope it will help you.

LED lights flicker frequently may caused by LED Driver

For example, the driver power is too big. The lamp beads can not withstand the high watt will flicker. You can remove the LED lamp, open the housing, and then replace the LED driver. If the LED driver is damaged, it should be replaced by professionals to avoid more damage to the bulb due to improper operation.

Aging of lamp LEDs

After long-term use, the aging of the lamp beads may also lead to frequent flickering LED lights. You can remove the LED housing, use an electric pen to check which lamp bead on the LED board is faulty, and then replace the damaged lamp bead. Do not damage the aluminum substrate when replacing the LEDs. Must fix the new LEDs on the aluminum substrate firmly.

Zero wire firewire wrong connection

Zero wire fire and wrong connection may also cause the LED light to flicker frequently. We can start by removing the switch. Loosen the screws and reconnect the hot and zero wires. We can distinguish between the hot and zero wires by the color of the wire insulation. If we can’t identify the color, we can use a universal meter to detect and identify the hot and zero wires.

Heat dissipation NOT Good

You can change the lampshade to one with a better heat dissipation effect or apply heat dissipation material on the lampshade to enhance the heat dissipation effect of the lamp.

Unstable Input voltage

Unstable input voltage can also cause the lamp to flicker frequently. We can install a voltage regulator to stabilize the home voltage.

Circuit problem

LED flickering may be a circuit problem, whether the LED light is still flickering after it turns off. It may be because the zero wire firewire is connected backward. We need to reconnect the zero wire and firewire of the switch socket. We can distinguish between zero and firewire. By using an electric pen, multimeter, wire color, and other methods.

Drive power

LED lights flicker. There may also be a problem with the driver power supply. For example, the lamp beads and drive power supply do not match, you can replace the appropriate drive power supply. Or the bulb heat dissipation is poor, causing the bulb temperature too high and driving the drivers to turn to overheat protection. We can low the temperature by applying heat dissipation coating to the lamp shell.

To confirm the cause of LED lights flickering and then deal with the actual situation. Generally speaking, there are two reasons for LED flickering. One is a disconnected power supply or poorly wired lights, reconnect the power supply. The other reason is that the LED light itself is malfunctioning, so it needs to replace the LED light or its accessories. Due to the high-risk factor of wiring operation, if you encounter problems, you should find a professional electrician to deal with them.

LED ceiling light flickering troubleshooting

What are the possible causes of flickering LED ceiling lights? Here we introduce the troubleshooting method of LED ceiling light flickering.

1. Check whether the zero wire and hot wire are connected backward. First, look at the color of the wire on the switch is not red. If not, consider the button may control the zero line, timely replacement.

2. Observe the flickering lights. If the room belongs to the same circuit, lights are flashing. Then consider reversing the connection of the zero and fire wires in the distribution box. After adjustment, please make sure to mark it well for future maintenance.

3. The electric light may be generating a self-induced current. You can replace the ceiling lamp with an incandescent lamp, in this case, or purchase a 220V relay and connect the relay coil in series to the circuit to absorb the induced current.

4. If you really can’t find any reason and can’t fix it, you can replace the lamp. Suppose you can not find out, and it is not the cause of the line. Please specialize in the cost of repairing the light is enough to replace a new LED lamp. Unless the living room headlights flicker, you can ask the master to fix them.

LED spotlights flickering and how to solve it

Some users have encountered home led lights appear to turn off the power later. There will also appear a flicker. This situation is because of the beginning of the power supply to the zero lines above. Change the face of the power supply to the firewire on the good!

Replace the firewire at the beginning. The reason is the switching leakage or the connection line to the switch has a leakage situation. Little leakage comes into the electronic ballast of the energy-saving lamps, begin to rectifier energy storage accumulation. Then cause an abnormal light-up reaction and keep long.

It may be the design of our electronic ballast itself problems. After the power turns off, there is still voltage in the electronic ballast. When the voltage drops to a particular value, it is just enough to make the lamp light up and continue to work.

The reliable quality of energy-saving lamps is not the above flash phenomenon. Because the energy-saving lamp electronic ballast equipped with the elimination of residual voltage discharge has become a resistor, there is insufficient voltage. The power supply has turned off, or the voltage does not reach a particular value natural lamp is not light.

LED spotlights using precautions

LED spotlight use process needs to do an excellent job of moisture maintenance. For example, the bathroom led lights and kitchen lights. Install moisture-proof this lampshade to prevent the constant invasion of moisture, avoid the emergence of light rust damage, or leak short circuit.

LED lamp use, there is some dirt. Never use water to clean. Wipe with a dry rag with water on the line. If you accidentally touch the water that needs to be dried as soon as possible, pay attention not to come back after the light with a wet rag wipe.

LED lights can not use in the dimming table lamp, time delay switch, and induction switch circuit, which will also damage the quality of the spotlight.


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