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What is a 12 volt power supply used for?

12V power supply is widespread in our life, and there is a wide variety of 12V power supply. So people are getting pickier and pickier in choosing a 12V power supply. Today we will give you an introduction to the 12V power supply.

The working principle of 12V power supply

Switching power supply

Switching power supply design uses modern power electronics technology to control the time ratio of switching tubes on and off to maintain a stable output voltage of a power supply. Switching power supply design is generally composed of pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET.


Uninterruptible Power Supply is a system device that connects a battery (mostly maintenance-free lead-acid battery) to a host computer. It converts DC power to utility power through a modular circuit such as a host inverter. It is widely used to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply for a single computer, power electronic devices and computer network system.

Power adapter

A power adapter is a small portable power conversion equipment. It is generally composed of housing, a power transformer, and a rectifier circuit. Divide into AC output type and DC output type from its output; according to the connection, the method can be divided into wall plug type and desktop type. It is widely used in telephones, game consoles, language repeaters, walkman, notebook computers, cellular phones, and other equipment.

Power Management

Management refers to how power is efficiently distributed to different components of the system. Power management is critical for mobile devices that rely on battery power. By reducing energy consumption when components are idle, a good power management system can double or triple the battery life.

Classification of 12V switching power supplies

General power supply

It can also subdivide into 

switching power supply design, 

inverter power supply, 

AC regulated power supply, 

DC regulated power supply, 

DC/DC power supply, 

communication power supply, 

module power supply, 

inverter power supply, 

UPS power supply, 

EPS emergency power supply, 

purification power supply, 

PC power supply, 

rectifier power supply, 

custom power supply, 

heating power supply, 

welding power supply/arc power supply, 

electroplating power supply, 

network power supply, 

the power operating power supply, 

adapter power supply, 

linear power supply, 

power supply controller/driver, 

other general power supply, 

inverter power supply, 

parametric power supply, 

voltage regulator power supply, 

transformer power supply.

Special power supplies

It can also subdivide into 

shore power, 

security power, 

high-voltage power, 

medical power, 

military power, 

aerospace power, 

laser power, 

other special power. 

A special power supply is a special kind of power supply. Due to the measurement of power supply requirements of technical indicators different from the commonly used power supply. The primary output voltage is exceptionally high, the output current is enormous, or the stability, dynamic response, and ripple requirements are incredibly high, or require the power supply output voltage or current is pulsed or some other conditions. This makes the design and production of such power supplies have unique or even more stringent requirements than ordinary power supplies. The special power supply is generally designed for special load or occasion requirements. It is a wide range of applications. Mainly: electroplating electrolysis, anodic oxidation, induction heating, medical equipment, power operation, power test, environmental protection dust removal, , food sterilization, laser infrared, photoelectric display, air purification,etc. Special power supply has more ordinary power irreplaceable use, mainly for: radar navigation, high energy physics, plasma physics, and nuclear technology research, etc.

Difference between a 12v charger 12v power supply?

Power supply by the nature of the current, divided into AC power supply and DC power supply; according to the stability of the output to be divided, there are constant current power supply and constant voltage power supply. Should adjust the voltage and current of the charger according to the charging demand, and it is not allowed to be constant. It is an essential difference between the two.

DC constant voltage power supply

DC constant voltage power supply. This power supply will generally mark with indicators such as output voltage, maximum output current, and power. For example, for a 12V10A power supply, the output power = 12V x 10A = 120W. It means that as long as the load power is not greater than 120W, the power supply can maintain a voltage output of 12V. The size of the output current depends entirely on the load. Not more than 10A can be.


A 12v charger is a facility that can charge a 12v battery, not an output voltage of 12v. A proper charger will first charge with constant current and then automatically switch to constant voltage. Because the 12V battery to be charged may be as low as about 10V, if charged directly with a 12V constant voltage power supply, it will cause damage to the battery due to the voltage difference and the current surge and may even explode the battery. So only when the voltage rises to a certain level can it be charged with constant voltage until the battery reaches the upper voltage limit (lithium 12.6v, lead-acid 14v), the pressure difference disappears, the charging process is over.

This means that it can not maintain the voltage of the charger at a fixed level. Some 12v chargers have a no-load output voltage of about 15v, which is the reason. If such a charger is used as a power source for 12v appliances, it is not possible. In addition to the voltage instability of the charger, the output current waveform will not be a smooth straight line but pulsating DC or other waveforms. These are not in line with the power requirements. So the charger and power supply are two completely different appliances, not to be confused.

The difference between 12v power supply and 12v charger?

What is the difference between a 12v charger and a 12v power supply? 

A power supply is not converted AC or DC. He may be converted from other energy.

Charger 12v is the power supply processed through a series of electronic components to become DC power.

The two of them in terms of stability. The power supply by the size of the energy conversion may appear unstable voltage and susceptible to interference from the user side of the circuit.

While the charger through the transformer and some electronic components processing of the power supply side of the filtering and rectification and then after the secondary transformer to get a relatively stable voltage, it will also eliminate some interference from the user side.


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