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Will, it consumes more electricity when Leaving the light on or switching it off?

    Sometimes, this consumes more electricity than leaving the lamp on and shortens its service life. However, this cannot tell as a general rule. An incandescent lamp consumes up to seven times more electricity when it is switched on for a brief period than when it is in continuous operation.

How much money can you save using LED lighting?

    If you replace your conventional lights with LEDs, you can save up to 80 percent of the electricity used for lighting. LED converts the energy used into light much better than traditional light sources.

How can an LED change color?

    The color change of LED lamps can be graduated or smooth transition. The remote can control Most color change conveniently; ideally, the color intensity can be adjusted individually, which is also dimmable.

How does the RGB system work?

    RGB is the color space formed by the colors red, green, and blue. This is used for monitors, televisions, or smartphones. Red, green, and blue are called “light colors” and cannot be reproduced in printing because mixing the “light colors” on printing materials is impossible.

What is RGB lighting color?

    Green (G) and Blue (B) – the three basic colors (the so-called primary colors) of additive color mixing. Because the RGB color space is based on this, the principle of this color mixing is simple: the three primary colors mixed to produce white; that’s why they are also called luminous colors.


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