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Which LED strips to buy?


    Best smart RGB LED strips.

    Philips Hue White and Color Lightstrip: LED strips of the best brand.

    Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip 1S.

    Govee WiFi LED Strip: the best cheap RGB.

    Meross Smart LED Strip (MSL320).

    Philips Hue Play Gradient: best TV LED strip.

How much light does an LED strip give off?

    Outdoor strips emit white light (warm, cold, natural) or multicolored RGB light and have a brightness of 300 to 680 lumens per meter. Be sure to choose a suitable 12 V power supply that can support the total power.

How to light the headboard?

    On the market, there are LED lamps with warm and cold light. For lighting the bed’s headboard, the first type is much better, as it enhances the color rendering and creates a more relaxing atmosphere.

How to light a modern bedroom?

    The light that illuminates the bedroom should be as uniform as possible and decorate the whole room without being too intense. To make the environment uniform, choosing a classic pendant lamp that emits light from above is ideal.

What is the purpose of the LEDs behind the TV?

    The benefit of the strip placed behind the TV is that it creates a glow that surrounds the frame of the screen, reducing the contrast between the darkness of the room (when you enjoy the TV with the lights off) in a way that relaxes the view and highlights the blackness of the screen.

How to find amps from watts?

    To calculate the output power, you need to perform a simple multiplication.

    The number of watts is equal to the number of amps multiplied by the number of voltages.

    For example, if the current is 3 A and the voltage is 110 V, this formula gives a power of 330 W.

How to attach the LED tube?

    Remove the ballast and the starter. Connect the PHASE (brown, black, or gray wire) to a pin (1 of the two metal pins) on one end of the tube holder and the NEUTRAL (blue wire) to the other pin on the same end of the holder. Insert the LED tube into the wired tube holder from the end marked with the label.

How to place Christmas lights outdoors?

    The lights are placed starting from the socket in the screws where they need to be screwed. Remember not to connect more than three devices if you do not risk an overload or fire.

How to light a wall-mounted bookcase?

    You can also use under-cabinet lighting by inserting small LED light strips under the shelves and racks that make up the wall library in the living room or hallway.

How to light a bookcase?

    The suggestion. I decided to “light up” the bookshelf: For the lighting effect of the compartments, the LED profiles must be placed at the bottom of each niche. The back is bright and contrasts with the books. A wirelessly connected lighting system illuminates it.

How does Oleby work?

    3) OLEBY: Wardrobe light/sensor, white, two pieces. This sensor works with LEDs (3 LR03 AAA 1.5V batteries, sold separately) that light up via a sensor when the door is opened and closed. The organic adhesive tape is included in the set.

How to light bookshelves?

    In these cases, it is better to choose a diffused light to avoid reflections or to use the reflective surfaces to create a scenographic effect: with an LED strip with a satin diffuser positioned on the bottom of the shelf, the light is projected upwards, and you get a “lightbox” that is also perfect for

How does the dimmable LED work?

    A dimmer can modulate the light intensity of an LED from 0% to 100%. This is done by controlling pulse width modulation (PWM) or digital dimming systems. Each type of light source has specific electrical load characteristics.

What are dimmable lamps?

    DIMMABLE LAMPS, WHAT IS A DIMMER, AND HOW DOES IT WORK? The dimmer is nothing more than an electronic controller that allows you to adjust the light intensity of the lamp from 0% to 100%, depending on your needs.


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