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What is the transformer for the LED strips?

    The LED strip installment we have has an overall power of 144 W, to which we need to include a safety margin of 20-25%. So we will need to multiply this power by 1.2. As a result, a transformer that we can use for this type of setup is a transformer of 200 W with 12 V.

What is a LED transformer?

    It is a device used to transform the voltage of electricity. It is covered with plastic and composed of coils of conductive material. This device converts the electric current to 220 V and lowers the voltage to adapt it to the voltage of the LED bulbs.

How many meters of LED can I connect at 12 volts?

    The voltage: For example, a 12V LED strip can be connected up to 5 meters long, a 24V strip can be connected up to 10 meters long, and a 230V LED strip can be connected up to 50 meters long.

How much is the amperage of a LED?

    Most manufacturers recommend ten mA for blue 430 nm diodes, 12 mA for 3.4-volt types, and 20 mA for lower voltage diodes.

How many LED strips can be connected to one transformer?

    Most manufacturers recommend a maximum of 2 to 3 strips to power a single power supply. What is essential to know is that with each LED strip added, the power supply power must be increased.

How do I know what type of transformer I need?

    When choosing the suitable transformer, there are several things to consider:

    The volts led strips needs.

    The volts can support the network where the device will be installed (in Spain, it is regulated in 220 V).

    The watts that the transformer will have to support.

How to calculate the consumption of a LED strip?

    Once we have it, the calculation is straightforward. We multiply the meters of our LED strip by the power of the strip and then multiply by 1.20 to not overload the power supply.

What resistor to put on an LED for 12 V?

    With the primary supply voltage of 12V, commercial values of resistors were obtained at a theoretical value of 510 ohms.

What voltage do RGB LED strips use?

    How much power does an LED strip consume? A standard 5 meter RGB LED strip typically consumes about 24W at a voltage of 12 volts. After reviewing many of the LED strips sold on Amazon Spain, we can assure you that practically all of them have the same power consumption.

How many LEDs can I connect to 220V?

    You can power 1 to 5 LEDs of all types connected in series. Note that the two circuits are powered directly by the mains without any isolation.

How many watts does one meter of LED consume?

    60 SMD 5050 LEDs consume 14.4 W per meter. 

72 SMD 5050 LEDs consume 17.3 W per meter. 

120 SMD 5050 LEDs consume 28.8 W per meter. 

To work, LED lights operate with a direct current.

How much does a 1 meter LED strip to consume?

    Consumption (Depends on the type and number of LEDs) – 60 SMD 3528 LEDs per meter – 5 W per meter of strip. – 120 SMD 3528 LEDs per meter – 9 W per meter of strip. – 60 SMD 5050 LEDs per meter – 14.4 W per meter of strip. – 72 SMD 5050 LEDs per meter – 17.3 W per meter of strip.

What is the difference between 3528 or 5050 LED?

    SMD 5050 LED strips are 50mm x 50mm in size, being more significant than SMD3528 strips. It is a type of LED strip with higher power and consumption, implying a higher luminous flux than SMD 3528 LED strips.


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