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Sanpu led power supply installation guide

Aluminum Output Voltage: 5V 12V 24V

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Plastic Output Voltage: 5V 12V 24V

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CL series CL100-24/3, CL150-24/3, CL200-24/3, CL250-24/3, CL300-24/3 


Read the manual carefully before using the product. The instructions herein are essential for the safety, set up, and proper power supply use. The device herein is intended only for its specific purpose (see application/use). 

Any other use is considered improper and dangerous. Keep this manual. 


The power supply described in this manual is for industrial application on a switchboard. 

Security warnings during installation: 

The installation must be carried out in compliance with the provisions settling the installation of electrical devices in the country where the products are installed. In particular, the electrical system that feeds the power supply must comply with the rule CEI 68-4 (current edition). The electrical power line must be easily sectioned and suitably protected from a power surge and direct and indirect contacts. 

A readily accessible disconnecting device shall be incorporated into the 

building’s electric installation wiring. The trained personnel must perform the installation and the maintenance. 

Turn off the power before the installation and maintenance. 

The product is not suitable for outdoor installations. 

– Overloading, power surges, and short circuits may destroy the 

power supply. Check the circuit carefully and eliminate any 

possible cause of these events before the installation. 

– Be sure the area around the power supply is well ventilated. 

– Do not place the power supply near any heat sources. 

– Use the power supply in dry and clean places. Avoid any contact with 

liquids, alcohol, oil, and solvents in any part of the power supply. 

– Keep away from places/machines where the power supply can be subject to vibrations or mechanical shocks. 


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