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RGBW LED Strip Light for Color Changing Liquor Cabinet Lighting

These LED Strip Lights are the perfect solution for illuminating the interior of a glass-paneled liquor cabinet, providing just the right amount of illumination. The addition of Warm White output allows for a range of color options to match the mood of the space.

RGBW LED Strip Light for Cabinet Lighting

To control the colors, brightness, and color-changing modes of the 4in1 RGBWW LED Strip Lights, an RGBW 4 Channel Controller is necessary. The Strip Lights operate using only 24 volts DC, requiring a 24VDC Power Supply to convert the wall power to low voltage operating power.

The result of this installation is stunning, with millions of color choices available to fit any entertaining occasion or just a relaxing evening with a favorite drink. The Color Changing Liquor Cabinet Lighting with RGBW Strip Lights is sure to impress and enhance the overall aesthetic of any living space.




LED lights power supply for most light strips

AC/DC Power Supplies

Input Voltage 80-264 Vac
Power rating 60w-300w




LED Light Strips power supply for LED Tape Light

24VDC power supplies

Input Voltage switch mode 110/220V output voltages 12V 24V Power Rating 60W-300W

LED Modules power supply for LED lighting

Thin LRS power supplies

Input Voltage 80-264 Vac
Power rating 60W-400W




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