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RGB Flood Light Transform your building into a colorful landscape

Create stunning light displays with RGBW Flood Lights

Illuminate Your Imagination with Up to 16 Million Colors




Make Every Night Magical: Color-Changing Building Lighting

RGBW flood lights were installed outside a law office for dynamic color-changing lighting effects. These lights are controlled using the STICK3 DMX Control system, which allows individual or group control of each light through multiple 24-channel decoders. The F1 flood lights provided enough brightness for the entire building, but other outdoor-rated RGBW fixtures are also available. Besides attracting business, these lights can serve as security lighting after hours. For similar projects, customers can contact the company for recommended products.




LED lights power supply for best led light strips

Power Supply for Outdoor Flood Light

Input Voltage 80-264 Vac
Power rating 60w-300w




LED Light Strips power supply for Wyze Light Strip

Power Supply for Security Lights

Input Voltage switch mode 110/220V output voltages 12V 24V Power Rating 60W-300W




thin 400w power supply

Power Supply for Solar Powered Security Lights

Input Voltage 80-264 Vac
Power rating 60W-400W




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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the method used to mount electrical components directly onto the surface of a PCB.

This is where through-hole components have the most advantage: they are mechanically stronger than most SMDs because their leads run through the board, allowing them to withstand environmental stress.

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Wave Solder Process

A Wave soldering process uses a wave of flux or solder to make connections. The waves are separated by a through-hole approximately half the board’s thickness. 

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We inspect all the semifinished power supplies for high-quality control. Determined by visuals, ensure all elements are in the right place.

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As a power supply manufacturer, 1000powers is fully equipped, with an integrating sphere, constant temperature, and humidity box, pressure tester, and other product performance evaluation equipment. 




Here are some tips regarding LED flood lights:

LED flood lights often come equipped with motion sensors, which detect movement in the yard at night and automatically power on the lights.

These lights typically have a built-in motion sensor that customizes when and how long the lights stay on.

If your outdoor porch light has a timer, giving you options of one, five, or 10 minutes for the light to stay on, choose a duration based on your specific needs and preferences.

LED fixtures and solar lights are commonly used in flood lights, providing energy-efficient options for outdoor lighting.

The brightness of flood light is determined by its lumen output. Higher lumens result in a brighter light. LED flood lights are known for their efficiency, making them a popular choice.

Please note that these are general tips, and it’s recommended to consult the specific product instructions and guidelines for optimal usage of your LED flood lights.

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However, as a general guideline, here are some recommended ranges for different outdoor lighting applications:

Security lighting: A range of 700 to 1300 lumens is often sufficient for general security lighting. This can help deter potential intruders and provide adequate visibility in the area.

Landscape lighting: If you’re looking to highlight specific landscape features like trees, shrubs, or architectural elements, you may need around 50 to 300 lumens per fixture, depending on the size and desired intensity of the lighting.

Sports lighting: For sports fields or outdoor recreational areas, the lumen requirements can vary widely depending on the size and specific needs of the sport. Larger fields may require several thousand to tens of thousands of lumens.

Large outdoor areas: If you have a large outdoor space that requires general lighting, you might consider floodlights ranging from 2000 to 10,000 lumens or more, depending on the desired size and brightness level.




Here are some factors to consider when evaluating their effectiveness:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Solar-powered security lights use solar energy to charge their batteries during the day. This renewable energy source makes them environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run, as they don’t require electricity from the grid.

  2. Installation and Maintenance: Solar-powered security lights are generally easier to install since they don’t require wiring or access to an electrical outlet. However, ensuring that the solar panel receives adequate sunlight for efficient charging is essential. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the solar panel and replacing the battery when necessary, is also critical for optimal performance.

  3. Illumination and Sensor Range: The effectiveness of solar-powered security lights in providing illumination and detecting motion depends on factors such as the light fixture’s quality and the motion sensor’s range. Choosing lights with appropriate brightness levels and motion sensor capabilities that meet your security needs is essential.

  4. Sunlight Availability: The efficiency of solar-powered lights is directly linked to the amount of sunlight they receive. In areas with limited sunlight or during the winter months, the charging capacity may be reduced, affecting the overall performance of the lights.

  5. Placement and Coverage: Properly placing solar-powered security lights ensures optimal coverage and detection. Consider the specific areas you want to illuminate and whether the solar panel’s placement will receive sufficient sunlight to power the lights effectively.

Solar-powered security lights can be convenient and eco-friendly for illuminating and securing outdoor areas. However, it’s important to evaluate factors such as sunlight availability, product quality, and specific security requirements to determine their suitability for your particular situation.




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