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LED dimmer power supply 12V 75W 1 zone 230V panel + power supply - black set


Characteristic features for the set

One zone to be used
Rotary potentiometer indicating the intensity of brightness
Maximum power of the power supply 75W
Input voltage of the power supply 100-240VAC
Power supply output voltage 12VDC
Radio communication with the receiver (2.4GHz)
Communication range of 10 meters between the panel and the receiver in an open area
Cooperation with Wi-Fi controller (optional)
Wall panel powered by 230VAC
Flat and slim housing with holes for permanent installation
The Wall panel can be mounted directly to a 60 mm junction box
Glass panels included in the housing
High efficiency of the power supply on the level of 86%
Free air circulation cooling
Short-circuit / thermal / overload protection
EU-RED (RED Radio Equipment Directive) compliance certificate
Warranty period of 5 years

Additional information

Product Processes

Product Details:

Led controller LED dimmer power supply 12V 75W 1 zone 230V panel + power supply – black set

RGB LED Controllers and LED dimmers

LED radio dimmer set with 12V 75W power supply is a ready-made assortment, consisting of a glass wall panel and LED power supply with a built-in radio receiver. It is allowing for control of monochromatic LED lighting dedicated to 12V with a maximum power of 75W. (e.g., MONO monochrome LED tape). This dimmer enables individual access and operation of one zone, which can be accessed via a rotary wall panel. Communication with the dimmer is fully wireless as it uses a 2.4GHz radio signal.


Characteristic functions of the set

Dimming and brightening the connected LED lighting

Switching on and off the connected LED lighting


Basic communication with the receiver is via radio. Obtaining optional control through connectivity with a Wi-Fi network, which allows controlling lighting with mobile devices (e.g., smartphones or tablets), is available only using an appropriate Wi-Fi module.

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led controllers categories

Included above product is a ready-made kit that allows complete control of the installation based on LED lighting. The appropriate selection of components characterizes such a set, ensuring the exact correctness of operation and communication so that our LED radio controller or LED dimmer will be properly matched. This product variant can be individually configured by selecting receiving devices, which significantly facilitates the use of the product card.

led dimmers connect led lighting single color

Wireless form of communication – eliminating key disadvantages

led lights led controllersLED light controller categories

Devices using wireless communication based on a radio path of a specific frequency must entirely accurately receive the signal sent and transmit it to the device’s output. Unfortunately, this signal is often exposed to various types of interference resulting from external factors, making using a larger number of LED receivers once troublesome. The solution offered by the presented products is undoubtedly the automatic synchronization of the radio signal with its Retransmission. This allows for simultaneous switching of multiple receivers without delay effect. It is essential in multi-color LED Strip Lights, where signal synchronization plays a key role in established dynamic programs. On the other hand, Retransmission increases the basic communication range, which undoubtedly increases the practicality of the LED installation.

Dimming curve – performance characteristics

LED Dimmer line

Logarithmic dimming is characterized by a disproportionate change of the PWM signal about the set brightness. Low values of LED dimming implemented, for example, through a sensitive remote control or a wall panel, will be visible on the connected lighting, especially at low values. According to the presented characteristics, when setting the brightness level on the LED dimmer to 40%, we will obtain a PWM value of ~20%. So using 1/5 of the dimming level range for the LED dimmer, the connected lighting, e.g., LED tape, will obtain almost half of the brightness. At higher values >50%, the logarithmic dimming is more linear and smooth. Such a large discrepancy at low values requires adequate sensitivity to determine the desired brightness level. So for this type of dimming, it is important to use a convenient and high-quality LED dimmer. Discover unique features of LED remote controls

RGB LED lights-DMX controllers

You can fine tune how dim you want your lights or just jump right to 25% or 50%


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