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Dimmer with remote control for LED 230V - AC TRIAC S1-B + RU4


The S1-B Dimmer can be controlled by

remote control included in the set
impulse switch (bell button)
The S1-B Dimmer can be used to control the following devices
LED bulbs operating at 230V (must have dimming function)
LED lamps operating at 230 V (must have a dimming function)
dimmable power supplies for LED strip
The dimmer allows you to:
switching the light on / off
dimming / brightening the light

Additional information

Product Processes

Product Details:

Dimmer + radio remote control set (4-zone remote control, so you can expand it with other S1-B devices)

A TRIAC controller for LED light works by adjusting the light intensity

led light in triac dimmer dimming controls

Triac Dimmer wiring diagram:

triac controller led lights

The receiver is suitable for mounting under a button in a deep box fi60

Dimmer wiring diagram:

TRIAC dimming LED driver

triac dimmer switch connect led lights

 The receiver is suitable for mounting under a button in a deep box fi60


triac dimmers TRIAC control TRIAC LED control system

Instructions for pairing, i.e. connecting and disconnecting the remote control and the receiver

TRIAC control alternating current switch


The remote control (in an open area) has a range of 30 meters to the receiver. Each additional receiver transmits the signal (range) an additional 30 meters.

Triode for Alternating Current range


Each receiver can be controlled simultaneously by several remote controls and a mobile/tablet application

phase dimmer leading edge dimmers


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