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20W 30W 50W 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W 240W constant current waterproof power supply IP67 LED driver

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20-150W LED driver for Street light

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20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W


100-240V, 175-240V


12V, 24V

Product Processes

Metal LED Driver for Street Light

Also called LED Power Supply, it is ideal for LED products requiring 20-36V voltage and power up to 200W. 

Range 20 watts to 200 watts, Waterproof IP67.

Range from 20W to 200W

Product Details:

The Importance of LED Drivers in Outdoor Lighting

Product features.
1. Model: 20w-150w Waterproof LED Driver for street light
2. Input Voltage: 100-277V
3. Output voltage: 30-36V
4. Output current: 200mA
5. PFC>0.95 Efficiency>86%
6. IP67 waterproof rating
7. 3-5 years warranty

Waterproof LED driver

LED Driver 150W 12.5 A Waterproof IP67 Power Supply 12V DC Transformer Adapter Slimmer and Durable Reduced Voltage Power Supply for LED Strip Lights LED Component and Power Accessories.

If you plan on utilizing your LED Strip Lights in a kitchen, restroom, or outside after that, the answer is likely yes. In various other circumstances, waterproofing your LED lights isn’t vital. Waterproof LED Strip Lighting features a unique plastic finish called an IP-rated covering. Suitable for Outdoor Use

Why do LED lights need to be waterproof?

If there is a chance your Street Lights will certainly enter contact with dampness, you will certainly be required to utilize a strip with a water-resistant IP finish. This acts as a safety layer and stops wetness from reaching the light’s internal parts, causing a short circuit. Suitable for Outdoor Use

Do LED lights need to be waterproof?

It was installed outdoors, so it got wet, but it says it is waterproof.

If you plan on using your LED street Lights in a kitchen, bathroom, or outside, the answer is almost certainly yes. In most other situations, waterproofing your LED Strip Lights isn’t essential. Waterproof LED Strip Lights feature a special plastic coating called an IP-rated coating. Suitable for Outdoor Use.

Waterproof LED Driver for street light 20-200W

Aluminum Waterproof LED Driver is a high-efficiency

Output Current from 1A-

Total wattage

Suitable for Outdoor Use

Waterproof LED Driver 20w

Waterproof LED Driver 30w

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Waterproof LED Driver 40W

Waterproof LED Driver 50W

Waterproof LED Driver 60W

Waterproof LED Driver 80W

Waterproof LED Driver 100W

Waterproof LED Driver 120W

Waterproof LED Driver 150W

Waterproof LED Driver 200W

Waterproof LED Driver 250W

Waterproof LED Driver 300W

LED power supply for 24V LED strips

24v LED Driver is a high-efficiency

Output Voltage 24VDC

Output Current

Suitable for Outdoor Use

20W Power supply Waterproof IP67 for 24V LED Lighting

30W Power supply Waterproof IP67 24V LED Lighting

40W Power supply Waterproof IP67 24V LED Lighting

60W Power supply Waterproof IP67 for LED Strip 24V

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12v indoor LED power supplies for LED Tape

12v outdoor LED power supplies for LED Tape

Suitable for Outdoor Use

Output Voltage 12VDC

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