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Pop Up Power Socket Buying Guide

In modern spaces, convenience and aesthetics play a significant role in choosing the right accessories for your home or office. A pop-up power socket combines functionality with a sleek design, providing an elegant solution for powering up your devices while seamlessly blending into your environment. In this buying guide, we’ll explore critical factors to consider, such as requirements for different settings, features and functionality, sizing options, styling preferences, longevity, budget considerations, and frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

Key Consideration Factors:

Resist spills on the bench top: Look for a pop-up power socket with spill-resistant features to ensure durability and safety in kitchen or office environments where spills occur daily.

Sit seamless and flush: Opt for a unit that sits flush with your bench or tabletop for a sleek, integrated look.

Wireless charging for convenient mobile device charging: Consider models that offer wireless charging capabilities for added convenience when charging your mobile devices.

White color to match the bench-top: If you prefer a seamless aesthetic, choose a unit that comes in white to match your bench-top color.

Requirements and Usage:

Consider where you plan to install the pop-up power socket. Is it for your kitchen or office space? Assess the space underneath your worktop to ensure compatibility with the chosen unit’s dimensions.

Features & Functionality:

Number of plugs needed: Determine how many power outlets you require based on your usage needs.

Types of plugs: Consider the plugs you typically use and ensure compatibility with the sockets provided.

Additional features: Look for USB ports, surge protection, or individual switches for added functionality.


Hole diameter: Choose a diameter size ranging from 60mm to 120mm based on your preferences and available space.

Length: Consider the length of the unit in the closed position to determine how much depth it will occupy under the bench or tabletop.

Height: Measure the unit’s height when fully extended to ensure compatibility with your space.


Decide whether you want the power socket to sit flush with your worktop or be raised above for easier access.

Longevity, Durability & Quality:

Invest in a high-quality pop-up power socket to ensure longevity and durability, especially in high-traffic areas like kitchens or offices.


Consider your budget when selecting a pop-up power socket. Prices may vary based on features, quality, and brand reputation.

In the United Kingdom: Research prices from reputable retailers or online stores catering to the UK market.

In Australia: Explore options from local suppliers or online platforms specializing in Australian products.

In the United States: Check prices from well-known retailers or electrical suppliers in the US market.

Frequently Asked Questions


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