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A liquor cabinet lighting system with 24vdc power supply

Upgrading a liquor cabinet lighting system has never been easier




Color Changing Liquor Cabinet LED Lighting

With 4in1 RGBWW LED Strip Lights and the RGBW 4 Channel Controller. The 4 color channels allow for endless possibilities for creating different moods, from pastel pinks to icy blues, all while helping you easily find the bottle you need in the dark! Not to mention that the energy-efficient 24VDC power supply will save you money on electricity bills over time. Installing a 4in1 RGBWW LED Strip Light and 4-Channel Controller is an easy and fun way to upgrade your cabinet lighting system.

60w slim power supply

AC/DC Power Supplies

Input Voltage 80-264 Vac
Power rating 60w-300w




100w indoor power supply

Reliable DC power supplies

Input Voltage switch mode 110/220V output voltages 12V 24V Power Rating 25W-600W




300w slim power supply

Linear power supplies

Input Voltage 80-264 Vac
Power rating 35W 60W




Why 1000POWERS

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Product Models

SMT in production

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the method used to mount electrical components directly onto the surface of a PCB.

This is where through-hole components have the most advantage: they are mechanically stronger than most SMDs because their leads run through the board, allowing them to withstand environmental stress.

power supply smt
power supply wave soldering

Wave Solder Process

A Wave soldering process uses a wave of flux or solder to make connections. The waves are separated by a through-hole approximately half the board’s thickness. 

High-Quality Control for power supplies

We inspect all the semifinished power supplies for high-quality control. Determined by visuals, ensure all elements are in the right place.

power supply test

One Stop Solution for All Your Needs

As a power supply manufacturer, 1000powers is fully equipped, with an integrating sphere, constant temperature, and humidity box, pressure tester, and other product performance evaluation equipment. 




Downlights Bathroom install Guide?

They are available in IP65 and fire-rated varieties, which means they are waterproof and can withstand moisture. And because they are water-resistant, they can last a long time. Unlike traditional bulbs, LED downlights are also energy efficient, with a 50,000-hour lifespan and IP65/65 rating. The LED downlights are also available in smaller sizes for even greater convenience.

We’ll also talk about IP rating, which is crucial for safety reasons. A good IP rating is essential because your lighting will protect against water and dust.

You’ll need to start planning your lighting scheme by identifying which areas in the bathroom require more light. A basic kitchen will require 400 to 800 lm, while a reading seat or shaving area will require less. Also, be sure to consider the purpose of the room before deciding how many downlights to install. Generally, one downlight per 1.2m2 will provide enough illumination for a bathroom. You should also consider the room’s use and décor before you select the number of downlights.

The basic difference between spotlights and downlights is their light source. Spotlights are generally used as accent lighting. Downlights are energy-saving lamps with white or yellow light. Spotlights are usually more decorative and come in various shapes and sizes. Although both types provide illumination, they serve different purposes. Spotlights are generally more energy efficient and often use a quartz bulb. Downlights are most commonly used in bedrooms and hallways.

On the other hand, spotlights are usually surface-mounted luminaires with a cutout. The typical cutout size is 2 inches, 2.5 inches, or three inches. A downlight needs to be recessed into a higher ceiling, while a spotlight requires a six to eight-inch cutout. Spotlights can be installed near flammable objects, while downlights must be mounted through holes.

A spotlight has a wide range of uses. In general, they can illuminate a room up to five square feet. While a spotlight is generally more powerful, downlights are less durable. Spotlights also require less maintenance and are more expensive. However, downlights are a good option for small rooms and a home office. The difference between spotlights and downlights is often negligible.

While downlights and spotlights are similar in size, they serve very different functions. Spotlights are typically surface-mounted, whereas downlights are fixed to the ceiling. Spotlights offer multiple light beams and are useful for special lighting requirements. Downlights are generally used for general lighting. Consider their differences before making your final decision if you’re planning to use spotlights.

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