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Power Supply Your Entryway: Channel and Warm White Strip Lights

Design Your Home with Aesthetic Elegance: HR Line Channel and Warm White Strip Lights

Illuminate Every Corner of Your Home Instantly; Get Started With Our Easy-to-Use HR Line

Channel and Warm White LED Strip Lights Set

Transform Any Room Instantly—15% Brighter & Easier Installation with Concrete Entryway Lighting Set.

The entryway of this home is made visually appealing at night using Warm White Strip Lights embedded in HR Line Extrusions. These extrusions are designed to be permanently set into various surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, stone, bricks, and pavers. Once set, the warm white strip light is inserted into the profile and covered with an outdoor-rated silicone to seal the channel. The Ribbon Star Max Warm White Strip has a low power consumption of only 2.92W per linear foot and operates on a 12VDC Power. The LED chips have a high density, providing seamless light diffusion without any hot spots or visible dots.

LED lights power supply for best led light strips

AC/DC Power Supplies

Input Voltage 80-264 Vac
Power rating 60w-300w

LED Light Strips power supply for Wyze Light Strip

24VDC power supplies

Input Voltage switch mode 110/220V output voltages 12V 24V Power Rating 60W-300W

thin 400w power supply

Thin LRS power supplies

Input Voltage 80-264 Vac
Power rating 60W-400W

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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the method used to mount electrical components directly onto the surface of a PCB.

This is where through-hole components have the most advantage: they are mechanically stronger than most SMDs because their leads run through the board, allowing them to withstand environmental stress.

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Wave Solder Process

A Wave soldering process uses a wave of flux or solder to make connections. The waves are separated by a through-hole approximately half the board’s thickness. 

High-Quality Control for power supplies

We inspect all the semifinished power supplies for high-quality control. Determined by visuals, ensure all elements are in the right place.

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As a power supply manufacturer, 1000powers is fully equipped, with an integrating sphere, constant temperature, and humidity box, pressure tester, and other product performance evaluation equipment. 

RGBW Strip Lights for Color Changing Liquor Cabinet Lighting

LED strip lighting options

These LED Strip Lights are the perfect solution for illuminating the interior of a glass-paneled liquor cabinet, providing just the right amount of illumination. The addition of Warm White output allows for a range of color options to match the mood of the space.

To control the colors, brightness, and color-changing modes of the 4in1 RGBWW LED Strip Lights, an RGBW 4 Channel Controller is necessary. The Strip Lights operate using only 24 volts DC, requiring a 24VDC Power Supply to convert the wall power to low voltage operating power.

The result of this installation is stunning, with millions of color choices available to fit any entertaining occasion or just a relaxing evening with a favorite drink. The Color Changing Liquor Cabinet Lighting with RGBW Strip Lights is sure to impress and enhance the overall aesthetic of any living space.

An etched glass sign is illuminated in a Ferrari-themed office using our RGBW LED Strip Lights. Placed at the edge of the glass, the strip lights shine directly through to illuminate the logo and design, offering the perfect amount of illumination. Our Eco Channel with a semi-frosted cover was used to hold the strip light, and a handheld Color Wheel RGBW Remote was used to select the desired color. The strip light can be changed to any color, including white. Our 75 Watt Mean Well Power Supply drives the 24 Volt DC power required for the strip light. The color-changing strip light adds a unique and distinctive touch to an already unique office space, making it a fun project for anyone looking to add flair to their area.

Our customer has used the combination of strip lights and flush mount aluminum mounting track to create a modern and stylish shower lighting fixture. The Waterproof Dim to Warm Strip Lights was the perfect choice to complement the white tile of the shower. With the lights set to full brightness, a bright 3000K light is achieved, perfect for morning showers. When dimmed, the strip lights transition to a warmer 1800K color temperature, ideal for a relaxing steam shower or winding down at night. Our wall-mounted Touch Panel Dimmer provides the functionality to control the dimming and on/off of the strip lights. Our 24V 100W Power Supply powers the strip lights. If you’re looking to install LED strip lights in your shower, call us, and we’ll be happy to assist you in selecting the best products for your project.

Our customer created stunning pool grotto lighting using our RGB color-changing LED lights. The D1 RGB LED Step lights was perfect for this project due to their small size and ideal brightness for lighting the steps leading to the water slide feature at night. Additionally, two underwater RGB light fixtures were placed behind the waterfall to illuminate the falling water. To control the color of the lights, the customer opted for our 4 zone RGBW Controller and WiFi receivers. This allows them to change the lighting color in 4 different areas using their phone or handheld remote. The four-zone system also provides for using 12V and 24V products from the same controller using separate receivers. Overall, combining our color-changing LED lights and the pool grotto design creates a stunning visual effect that will impress guests.

A customer completed their houseboat renovation using RGB + Warm White LED Strip Lights, providing color-changing and warm white lighting. The strips were installed discreetly to create a beautiful, glowing effect without visible LEDs. The UX8 RGBW Controller provides color-changing functionality mounted on the wall, which allows the user to control both color and brightness of the warm white output. The customer was delighted with the project’s outcome, stating that it exceeded their expectations. If you’re considering adding color-changing lighting to your space, please get in touch with us for assistance with your project.

Customers can create an ideal light source to accent rooms and architectural features using LED strip lights and aluminum channels. In one customer’s project, LED Strip Lights are used for wall displays and behind a TV and fireplace feature. For instance, the strip lights are embedded directly into a ceiling mount channel with a frosted cover for the skateboard wall, diffusing the strip lights to produce a line of light effect that is more visually pleasing than visible diodes.

The shower lighting design features Daylight White LED Strip Lights and Aluminum Channels with covers to create a modern and custom linear lighting solution. Waterproof strip lights are inserted into the aluminum extrusion, and the frosted cover is sealed with silicone. This method allows for a wide range of custom linear lighting options that can be tailored to fit various shower areas, including ceilings, walls, niches, and even floors. If you are considering upgrading your shower or bathroom lighting, please get in touch with us; we will be happy to assist you.

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