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How to Connect LED Lightings

Installing LED strips in your home is a straightforward procedure within everyone’s reach, efficiently offering terrific immediate satisfaction.

LED strips can adapt to the most diverse domestic structures, illuminating atmospheres in an imaginative way.

Positioned in characteristic edges or shapes that follow architectural accounts, they give character and vitality to any environment.

Try positioning them along the wooden beam of lights of the ceiling or installing them under the kitchen cabinets: they will certainly offer a distinct and also particular design touch.

Below Let’s see how to set up LED strips rapidly and quickly.

Features of LED strips

In the beginning, LED strips are incredibly slim and light enough to make sure that many individuals wonder whether they can brighten.

The width is generally 10 mm or 12 mm, making it easy to put them in any corner of your home.

Their thickness does not surpass 3 mm, which facilitates their camouflage for magnificent illumination.

Thanks to their extreme versatility, they can adapt to any contour or corner of your home, but be careful not to area LED strips in shapes with a radius of less than one centimeter.

Below this list, there is a danger of irreparably damaging the LEDs, which, in addition, might quit working.

Energy performance is additionally one of the advantages of LED strips: with an average brightness of 1,600 to 3,000 lumens per meter, their typical intake per meter is only 5 watts.

In contrast, a 5-meter LED strip with 1,600 lumens per meter will brighten precisely like a 500-watt light bulb while eating just 25 watts!

How to place LED strips

LED strips, which ones to pick?

The purchase phase is maybe one of the hardest since there are many various models on the marketplace, all valid and reliable.

Nonetheless, it is essential to understand how to choose LED strips to obtain what we want: right here are the three primary criteria to take into consideration when acquiring:

The number of LEDs per meter, The shade temperature level, The length of the LED strips

Picking LED strips by the number of LEDs per meter.

Those familiar with the industry will recognize that an LED strip comprises several small LEDs positioned side-by-side.

Their focus will determine the kind of lighting, whether it is brighter and extra uniform or – the other way around – even more fragmented.

Our recommendation is to opt for LED strips with a minimal concentration of 50 LEDs per meter since listed below that limit. You might feel an unavoidable absence of homogeneity of the light once activated.

If the LEDs are too much apart, they will create distinct cones of light and not a single strip of light.

Select LED strips according to their color temperature level.

We have already spoken about it. However, we will certainly never tire of saying it: picking the appropriate shade temperature is required to create a comfy environment that meets our expectations.

A shade temperature level greater than 5,000 k will undoubtedly be chilly and appropriate for lighting contemporary and technological atmospheres. In comparison, a cozy light (in between 2,000 k and 3,000 k) will undoubtedly be ideal for providing heat to the areas.

Are you doubtful about whether to choose a cozy light or a cold light? In this case, you can not fail if you select the simplicity of natural white light.

Length of LED strips

One of the main advantages of LED strips is their versatility.

Usually, flexible LED strips in rolls are 5 or 10 meters. However, take a tape measure and jot down the essential dimensions before you buy them.

Want to set up LED strips under your kitchen cabinets? Mark the perimeter and also compute precisely the dimension you need.

This procedure is of utmost significance if you wish to avoid winding up with meters of extra or, on the contrary, missing strips.

Setup of LED strips

Once you have chosen the most appropriate LEDs, it is time to install the LED strips in the desired areas.

Take the coil as well as unwind it. You will see that every 5mm or two, there is a cut point.

These areas produce as if they adjust flawlessly to any surface area, cutting the precise size with almost millimeter precision.

This function, integrated with LED strips, can also be applied where various other lamps and light points can not be mounted, making them very practical for producing customized lighting results.

Installation is much easier than you may assume because LED strips inside with glue.

As soon as you have selected an ideal place for installation, gently peel off the safety movie from the sticky and apply the LED strip on the fly.

Must use Some stress for the strip to stick effectively, pressing firmly without damaging the LEDs.

Connect them to a 220v to 24v LED Power Supply.

If needed, Paid is interested in this step or hand over the procedure to a specialized specialist.

Regardless, use an electrician’s gloves and also rubber footwear to secure yourself as well as possible.

When performing this action, it is required to link the electrical cables with the appropriate polarities or create hazardous short circuits and hazardous electrical shocks.

Depending on the length and layout of the LED strip, the connection factor needs to be picked.

In a 10 meter strip, it might be necessary to put it in the center, dispersing the powder evenly and frequently.

Conversely, it would produce areas where the illumination is much more noticeable, and others would undoubtedly be weak.

How to Choose LED Power Supply.

LED strip lighting ideas

LED strip lights for living room

LED lighting is an integral part of a modern-day inside. Innovative people installed LED lights perfectly in different spaces such as living spaces, cooking areas, and bedrooms, giving simply the perfect touch to every edge. Today we’re giving you a few excellent concepts for using LED lighting to create a different environment in your living room according to your mood.

A brighter home for a more colorful life
• Endless color options with dimmable RGB lights
• Bluetooth, Bluetooth/music, and standard LED strips
• Remote-controlled via the app and Bluetooth remote
• Easy to install in 5–30 m/16.4–98.4ft lengths
• Timer function for scheduled lighting
RGB lights give you 16 million color options
Pick a preset hue or create your own to match your decor, mood, or occasion.

LED Strip for TV

Incredibly trendy at the moment is TV backlighting with LED. … Watching TV in the darkroom tires the eyes in the long run and can lead to headaches or concentration problems. With an indirect light source, you relieve your eyes, can watch TV relaxed and pin-sharp.

In general, LED strips are very easy to connect. For example, with a few simple steps, it is possible to install the USB TV LED strips on the back of a TV. … Connect the 4 individual LED strips with the 3 connection cables.

LED strip for car

Features:– 100% Brand New and High Quality;

– Flexible, can be bent into any shape and cut into any length;

– Water-resistant, available for indoor and outdoor lighting;

– Offer 360 degrees of illumination;

– Energy-saving and environmental-friendly;

– Long lifetime, more than 10,000 hours;

– Great for car decoration, nightclubs, parties, dark hallways, almost wherever you can 

Image specification:

– Light Colour: 10 colors

– Length: 5 m/3 m/1 m

– Wire Diameter: About 2.3 mm

– Power Supply: With Car Cigarette Connect

Package Included:1 x EL Wire1 x Car Cigarette Drive / USB Drive

LED Strip for Christmas

12V LED strip lights are frequently used for interior design, such as in the living room, bedroom, kitchen area, etc. As Xmas arrives, if you intend to throw a party with buddies at home on Christmas Eve, you will require LED strip lights, which can be set up on the ceiling or hung on an Xmas tree. This RGB strip light with IC can present numerous shades simultaneously. Selecting multiple modes can create vibrant lighting results; additionally, it can also be integrated with music and blink to the rhythm of the music.

Christmas LED Strip Lighting
This strip light has a protection grade of IP65 and is water-proof. If you wish to entertain on the veranda, you can also mount the strip light outdoors. With this music integrating magic color LED strip lights, your Xmas Eve party will end up being one of the most preferred amongst people!

LED Strip for theatre lighting

The use of LED strips in Theatre, Film, and Video is becoming more and more prevalent as the rate of light sending out diodes continues to reduce while quality and efficiency boost. The creative versatility, power cost savings, safety, and expense financial savings associated with this innovation have led illumination developers to define its use in almost every brand-new show in live theatre, television, movie, and virtually every other form of amusement. Nevertheless, creating and applying an LED tape installation can be complex, challenging, and overwhelming. It offers the different elements called for, their technological requirements for operation, and the vast range of items to choose from.

City Theatrical has long been the amusement globe’s relied-on source for lights devices as well as we currently use our very own superior line of LED components for usage in your Theater, Movie, and TV jobs. These consist of LED tape, Reduced Voltage Wired and Wireless Dimmers, Power Supplies, and our honor-winning wireless SHoW DMX Neo lights control systems.

Unlike other (typically faceless web-based) providers of these sorts of elements, City Theatrical brings its lengthy background of innovative innovation and know-how to the table. Also, it can combine a unique team of services and products right into one bundle for the lighting customer.
Making use of LED strips in stage illumination design
— exactly how as well as where
LED strip illumination can be utilized to highlight areas of the stage or create striking departments and borders. This can be achieved by ‘hiding’ the LEDs (placing them out of the audience’s straight line-of-sight), so their light falls onto a surface producing a glow effect, or installing them in ordinary view.

LED Strip for kitchen closet


Dimmable LED Strip
Voltage: DC 12V
LED Type: SMD2835
Length: 1M/2M/3M/4M/5M
Light Color: White / Warm White
Color Temperature: White (6000k-6500K); Warm White( 2700K-3500K)
Waterproof: Yes, IP65
LED Quantity: 60LED/M

Power Adapter:

Output Current: 2A
Input Voltage: AC110-240V
Plug: US/EU
Output Voltage: DC12V
Power Cord Length:1M(Approx)


1* LED Strip light
1* Touch Switch
1* Power Adapter: DC 12V 2A, EU or US Plug

LED Strip for stairs lighting

Review: Power from 110Vac can be taken two various ways.

The most convenient technique is using a changing power supply that can plug straight into a standard outlet. For example, our 12Vdc desktop or wall-wart switching power supplies plug into an electrical outlet. The output cable has a barrel plug link that can combine with a screw-in incurable plug to make clean solderless connections (listed below).

The second method is rugged wiring 110V line voltage with a switching power supply. The instance we are showing is a hardwire with a changing 12Vdc result power supply capable of 40watts. With the line voltage linked directly to the power supply, the outcome power is transformed to 12Vdc and can attach directly to the dimmer or straight to the LED strips. Make connections using butt-splice connectors, cable nut adapters, or wire nuts. The standard set-up is straightforward (revealed above), transform 110V to 12Vdc and connect the power to the strips.

LED Strip Installation

A brighter home for a brighter life

• Endless color options with dimmable RGB lights
• Bluetooth, Bluetooth/music, and standard LED strips
• Remote-controlled via the app and/or Bluetooth remote
• Easy to install in 5–30 m/16.4–98.4ft lengths
• Timer function for scheduled lighting

RGB lights give you 16 million color options

Pick a preset hue or create your own to match your decor, mood, or occasion.

Difference between 2835 and 5050 lights

1 2835 has no white light, while 5050 has
2 2835 with 8mm/0.3 pin width while 5050 with 10mm/0.4 pin

Atmospheric Lighting

Perfect for decorating homes, hotels, nightclubs, stores, and more

Choose from 3 options: standard, Bluetooth control, or Bluetooth/music-syncing abilities

Select no-fuss lighting or the Bluetooth options for additional remote control. Sync your playlist and lights with the music model.

Manage your lighting remotely with an app or remote

Switch on/off, adjust brightness or change colors with the HappyLighting app or the Bluetooth remote.

5–30m/16.4–98.4ft lengths for every space and scenario

Find the perfect fit to light up your shelves, illuminate your entire living room, and more.

Control brightness with dimmable function

From bright-as-day lighting for reading to a warm glow for cozy evenings, find the perfect level of illumination.

Schedule your lights on a timer

Boost your energy savings by having your lights turn on and off automatically.

Easy to install with strong self-adhesives

Simply cut and link the strips to create the length and shape you want, then attach them to a dry surface of your choice.

Usage and Care

1. When hooking up the light strip to a controller, please make sure the arrows on the connectors face each other and are aligned.
2. Please unspool the LED strip before turning it on to avoid damage.
3. The strip can be cut along the designated lines and linked with LED strip connectors.
4. Please note that the “5X10” on the black wheel represents the size of the wheel, not the LED strip.
5. Do not attach two LED strips together.


Brand Name: aiopp
Origin: China
Model Number: LED5001
LED Type: SMD 5050 (White light) or SMD2835 (No white light)
Color: RGB
Length: 5–30 m/16.4–98.4ft
Average Life: 30000 hours
Power Consumption: 3.84W/m
Voltage: 12V
Power Source: AC
Number of lights: 18 LEDs per 1 m/3.3ft or 30 LEDs per 1 m/3.3ft

Package Contents

1×5m/16.4ft roll of LED lights
1×AC power adapter*

1–3×roll(s) of LED lights (5m16/4ft: 1×5m/16.4ft roll; 10m/32.8ft: 2×5m/16.4ft rolls; 15m/49.2ft: 2×7.5m/24.6ft rolls; 20m/65.6ft: 2×10m/32.8ft rolls; 30m/98.4ft: 3 ×10m/32.8ft rolls)
1×AC power adapter
1×remote control
1×Bluetooth controller

1–3×roll(s) of LED light strips (6m/19.7ft: 1×6m/19.7ft roll; 12m/39.4ft: 2×6m/19.7ft rolls; 20m/65.6ft: 2×10m/32.8ft rolls; 30m/98.4ft: 3×10m/32.8ft rolls)
1×AC power adapter
1×remote control
1×music controller

We offer US, UK, EU, and AU plugs

if you have special needs please leave a message


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