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How much mah does a LED strip need?

    Let’s take a typical RGB LED strip with 14.4 watts per meter as an example. At 14.4W/m, 1.2 amps of current flow at 12 volts, while at 24V, it is only 0.6 amps.

Which LED color consumes the least power?

    Category A devices (green arrow) are perfect because they use the least amount of energy. On the other hand, g devices with the red arrow are real energy guzzlers and should not be purchased.

Are LED strips energy-saving?

Variants and advantages of LED strips

strips with RGB LEDs can realize different lighting moods and an RGB color change from the primary colors red, green, and blue. An LED strip is a power-saving alternative to lights with other light-generating technologies.

Why don’t my LEDs work?

    Reason. The current load increases with the length of the LED chain. However, the relatively narrow conductor paths on the LED strips are designed only up to particular current strength. An overload and thus vital heating up to the defect can occur here.


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