How much is 1 ampere in mA?

    Thus, current I (A) in amperes equals current I (mA) in milliamps divided by 1000 per amp. So, amperes equal milliamps divided by 1000 milliamps per amp: amp = milliamp / 1000.

What happens if I cut an LED strip?

    What happens if I cut an LED strip light? LED strips will continue to operate after being cut, as long as they are cut along their designated lines. You cannot cut your LED strips anywhere along with this because they may be damaged.

How many meters of LED can I connect at 12 volts?

    The voltage: For example, a 12V LED strip can be connected up to 5 meters long, a 24V strip can be connected up to 10 meters long, and a 230V LED strip can be connected up to 50 meters long.

AC input
DC output
12 WattIP20113*42*300.16100-240V12V*1000mANL12
12 WattIP2085*58*300.17110-240V12V*1000mAEPS12
12 WattIP4499.6*29.1*220.09100-240V12V*1000mAPC12
12 WattIP67139*30*220.13100-240V12V*1000mALP12

What is the amperage of a refrigerator?

    Older refrigerators typically use 115 volts and 7 amps, which can be multiplied to use 805 watts. Conventional refrigerators usually have a starting power of 800-1200 watt-hours/day and operating power of about 150-watt hours/day.

What to do if my LED light control is not working?

    Disconnect the power supply. Unplug the dimmer cable from the power supply and the LED strip lights (see Figure 1). Please remove the battery from the controller and reinstall it. Reconnect the power supply to power.

What is a LED transformer?

    It is a device used to transform the voltage of electricity. It is covered with plastic and composed of coils of conductive material. This device converts the electric current to 220 V and lowers the voltage to adapt it to the voltage of the LED bulbs. 

How much is the amperage of a LED?

    Most manufacturers recommend ten mA for blue 430 nm diodes, 12 mA for 3.4-volt types, and 20 mA for lower voltage diodes.

How many LED strips can be connected to one transformer?

    Most manufacturers recommend a maximum of 2 to 3 strips to power a single power supply. What is essential to know is that with each LED strip added, the power supply power must be increased.

What type of transformer do I need?

    When choosing the suitable transformer, there are several things to consider:

    The volts can support the network where the device will be installed (in Spain, it is regulated in 220 V).

    The watts that the transformer will have to support.


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