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How many years does a light transformer last?

60W CLL Strip slim

    Generally, the transformer is designed to achieve a useful life of 20-35 years and a minimum life of 25 years at operating temperatures between 65 °C and 95 °C working at nominal values.

How to glue LED lights if they peel off?

    Most LED strips have a 3M adhesive backing. The adhesive can be peeled off once the surface is prepared, and the strips are cut to size. Press the strip onto the designated surface with gentle pressure, and that’s it.

How much does a 100w LED consume?

    Incandescent: 600 W / 1000 W * 0.0908 €kWh = 0.0545 euros per hour lit. Low consumption: 130 W / 1000 W * 0.0908 €kWh = 0.0118 euros per hour turned on. LED: 100 W / 1000 W * 0.0908 €kWh = 0.0090 euros per hour turned on.

How long do LED strip lights last?

    Most LED bulbs have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. In GREALTEC we give you at least two years warranty on all our products against any manufacturing defect.

What voltage comes out of a LED bulb?

    LED bulbs, voltages, and different sockets. As in halogen bulbs, we can find LED bulbs that work directly connected to a 220V current or need an intermediate transformer because they work at 12V.

How to choose a driver for a LED?

    The driver must have a higher output of at least. 10% to have power reserves for running the LEDs. If the drive power is the same as the LED power, the driver will be at full occupancy all the time.

How much power does an LED driver consume?

    Usually, the bulbs sold have a driver with an FP>0.50, i.e., they are about 50% efficient; therefore, if a 7w LED bulb has a driver with FP>0.50, the consumption can be calculated as follows: 7w/0.50 = 14w consumption.

What is the resistance of a red LED?

    Red: 1.8V to 2.2V. Orange: 2.1 V to 2.2 V.

What are the most potent LED strips?

    The most common high intensity and high lumen prototypes are the 5630 and 5730 SMD LED strips, which can reach up to 180 lumens per watt.

What does 3528 LED mean?

    SMD 3528 LEDs are single-core chips, so they only generate one color per LED, unlike 5050s which have 3 cores. Difference between 3528 (Upper) and 5050 (Lower) strip, both multicolor RGB lit in white mode.

How to power a LED strip?

    To feed the LED strip, we will use one of the hard disk outputs, to which we will connect an adapter, from which we will remove the connector that we do not need and replace it with an electrical register in which to screw the strip connectors.

How many LEDs can I connect to 110v?

    You can power 1 to 5 LEDs of all types connected in series. Note that the two circuits are powered directly by the mains without any isolation.

How much resistance does an LED carry for 110v?

    LEDs require small voltages, about 2 to 3 volts, so connecting them directly to 110 volts is impossible. The first option is to use a resistor of the appropriate value to limit the current to a value that the LED can withstand, approximately 20 mA.


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