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How does the Dali Driver work?

    The Dali bus operates with a DC voltage of approx. 16 V, whereby values above 9.5 V are defined as logic “1” and values below 6.5 V as logic “0”. The control module sends serial data in case of deliberate short circuits (“0” logic) or interruptions (“1” logic) of the bus line.

What is DALI?

    Lighting control with DALI: The “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” (DALI) is a communication protocol for lighting applications in buildings and is used to communicate between lighting control devices such as electronic ballasts and light sensors or detectors. 

How do I know if a lamp is dimmable?

    To check if a lamp is dimmable or not, check if the following symbols are present on the packaging: If the light is NOT DIMMABLE, the symbol shown on the left must be present at least on the packaging and possibly also on the lamp or in the instructions for use.

What does “dimmable” mean?

    As you can easily imagine, dimmable is the Italian adaptation of the English word “dimmer,” which in turn derives from the verb “to dim,” meaning “to lower”. … So, with a dimmer, you can vary the light intensity of a lamp.

What does it mean when light bulbs burn out?

    New light bulb technologies, LEDs, and energy-saving bulbs are challenging to self-destruct by electric shock. If this happens, it means that something is wrong. LED and energy-saving bulbs gradually consume energy and then burn out.

Why do light bulbs burn out?

    When a light bulb is turned on, an electrical surge is sent through the filaments, destroying them rather than a direct current, which is why light bulbs often burn out.

How do I disassemble a headlight?

    To start disassembling the headlight, we need to grasp the outside of the headlight with one hand and push it firmly outward. As soon as we can, we need to firmly get the springs that hold the headlight firmly in its housing with the other hand.

How do I replace a halogen bulb?

    Some small halogen bulbs have straight pins in the base that you can push and then pull out, while other bulbs require a twist to get out or spring assist, so you have to push them in before you can pull them out completely.

How do I change a headlight bulb?

    Unscrew the burned-out bulb by hand and insert the new bulb in the same place. Again, be very careful as they are usually tiny and fragile. The last step is to put the glass back on first, and then the metal plate, as you did at the beginning, that is, using a screwdriver or something else.

How do I change the hood light?

    Disconnect the unit from the mains before replacing the bulb. If the bulb is hot, wait until it cools down. To remove the bulb, push or turn the housing clockwise, then remove it by turning it counterclockwise. Install the new bulb by turning it clockwise.

How long will a battery connected to an inverter last?

    It depends very much on the wattage of the connected devices and the amperage of the battery to which the inverter is connected. To simplify this calculation, I’ll give an example: If I connect 100WATT lights and have a 10Ah 12Volt battery, the duration is 15 continuous hours.

How much does an LED strip consume?

    The white LED strips are available with 60 or 120 LEDs per meter. Their consumption is 4.8 and 9.6 watts per meter, respectively.

How much does a 5 meter LED strip to consume?

    LED Strip 5 meters consumption in indoor lighting strip 60 LEDs per meter 3528 Waterproof and divisible. Consumption of 3.6 W per meter and a ratio of 111 lm/W.

How much do RGB LEDs consume?

    In particular, the consumption of LED lights ranges from 3 to 11 watts per hour, although some types consume only 1 watt per hour.


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