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12 VDC Power Supply

You can easily find the proper power supply for the best quality LED light sources of all kinds in the online store. In most cases, LED light sources can not withstand the voltage of 220 V, leading to problems with the device. In such cases, power supplies, which neutralize the current and voltage, save the day. Blocks containing a voltage of 12 V (24 V) are suitable for such LED lighting as modules, lamps, and LED strips. Since lighting technology is rapidly evolving, there are already on the market blocks with higher voltage – 48 V. To power powerful lights or spotlights, current sources of 350 mA and 700 mA are used. Can connect 24V LED driver to 24V blocks.

Features of 12V power supply

A 12-volt power supply is a voltage transfer device that provides LED lights with 12 volts of current from ordinary lighting. An LED strip power supply that lowers the voltage can be used for a variety of LED strips. It can also use it to power 12 volt LED strips. 

There are several types of power supply units:

Sealed units are available with moisture and dust protection. They are used for enclosed spaces but can also be used outdoors. The size of such units is small. They are also protected against short circuits, overvoltage. They have a degree of protection IP66 and IP67. Small power units are produced in plastic cases, and large power units are produced in metal cases.

Non-hermetic units are used exclusively in enclosed spaces, where there is no high humidity. This type of unit is available in metal and plastic cases. They are used to power SMD5050, SMD3528, RGB, and a variety of other LED blocks.

Semi-hermetic blocks have protection against moisture and can be used outdoors. The power range of this type varies from 10 watts to 360 watts. It is made in a metal case that allows you to protect the power supply for the LED strip from water or dust.

Impulse blocks smooth out voltage spikes, protect against overvoltage and mains interference. It is equipped with a protection filter. Connect in networks where unstable voltage is produced and prolongs the life of the lighting fixtures. If voltage surges are not prevented, the device can fail, or at least the quality of its work can be reduced. This type of unit is used to extend the life of lighting fixtures.

The power of power supplies

The accuracy of the required value depends on the sum of the power of the diode strip, modules, that is, all devices connected to the 12-volt power supply. Therefore, the transformer power should be calculated only after determining the power of the entire illumination system. Modules can be chosen from 5 to 2000 W; this will depend directly on the required value. It is necessary to remember not to overload the transformer; it is worth leaving a power reserve of 20%. The device will fail if you go less than 10% of the power reserve. It is also worth noting that it is necessary to place the 12v power supply is a suitable place – the ventilation holes must always be open. The power supply should not be placed in critical proximity to heat sources or near the lighting fixture itself. Temperatures exceeding +50 °C are prohibited, and this is in no way dependent on the housing material—openings in the housing support passive cooling of the device. Powerful models have an active cooling system – there is a fan inside that allows increasing the device’s power while reducing the size of the housing.


Power supply 12v implies use both indoors and outdoors – moreover, such models have increased protection from moisture and dust. You can buy a 12V power supply that will work even in difficult weather conditions with high humidity.

Options for 12v power supply enclosures

Case materials come in metal or plastic. The steel case is suitable for enclosed, dry rooms, while the plastic case is best used inside a building. 12v power supply is made of metal and plastic, it depends on the model of the case, thanks to the wide range of models, you can pick up any convenient size power supply, you can choose any shape and size. It is necessary to pay attention to dimmable power supplies – they allow you to stabilize voltage and control the brightness of dimmable lamps and LED lamps. According to one of the options in the case, you can build a remote control and use the remote to control the power supply via infrared or radio. The expensive models provide all the functionality, from dimmer to remote control.

Features of installation

There is a connection block with special holes and protection against pulling the wire, which does not allow the wire to disconnect on its own. It has screw terminals through which the wire is connected. The power supply is cooled by free convection, but some units are equipped with unique fans that cool them during operation, preventing overheating due to prolonged processes. Order power supplies for LED strips, LEDs, LED modules, etc., in our online store at a pleasant price wholesale and retail before you get the necessary advice.


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